Deleted Comments: Feminism Is Unnecessary, You Stupid Vaginas

Why are you weirdos always writing about vaginas anyway?[/caption]

So much derp, so little brain! We'll get things rolling with some delightful new pals we made on Saturday's story about those darn Russian hackers. Person of few words "Coinspinner" seemed disinclined to think Russian hacking had anything to do with the election outcome, and offered a more compelling reason:

Yeah next time let's not get behind a candidate just because she has a vagina.

Yup, can't think of any other reasons people might have voted for Clinton in the primaries -- or by a popular-vote margin of 2.7 million -- other than her plumbing. Now, we'll confess that Poe's Law may be at work here -- Coinspinner, if that wasn't genuine whining about people voting with their uteri, drop Yr Doktor Zoom a note and we'll unban you.

The thread was also blessed by many, many comments from someone calling themselves MUW, which could either be initials or a poorly spelled attempt to communicate with a moo-cow. MUW was skeptical of the CIA conclusion that the Wikileaks expose of Clinton camp and DNC emails was the work of Russian hackers, because as everyone knows, all the real hacking is done by Israeli teenagers. Also, note their utterly devastating deployment of ridicule and, as seems to be Required, strange Use of Capitalization:

Hey all you little Wonky Woo's I can well remember when the FBI/CIA/NSA/DEA got in front of Congress and Swore to High Heaven how America was being attacked by "Hundreds of EX KGB Hackers" only to find out after the fact that it was 1 sixteen year old Israeli kid and 2 of his thirteen year old buddies! Even they were caught ONLY after bragging about their "Crimes" in an open Forum. So nope sorry we just no longer believe your Alphabet Soup full of Liars and we really would NOT like to go to War with Russia just to justify your Corporate Masters failure in endlessly supporting and subsequent lost of the most Corrupt Candidate in American History Hillary "The Wicked Witch" Clinton to President Elect Donald Trump! Sadly you and yours were stupid enough to just "assume" that the Worlds Worst Mass Murderess would win the Election and you know what do they say about assuming...Right? And yes we are STILL expecting all of you to leave America just as you promised you would!

Honestly, we don't Recall what alleged Event MUW is talking about Here, but perhaps some of our Readers have some Idea? In any case, several people made fun of MUW's Eccentric Capital Letters, and then the thread spun off into mostly a bunch of nonsense, with "MUW" accusing other commenters of being nothing more than Grammar Queens and challenging, "Come on you nasty little Clintonista Troll ether Refute what I said or Shut the &^$%$ Up and keep crying!" So -- just out of curiosity, does anyone out there have any idea what "MUW" is talking about? The only thing we found (in a very cursory search) about Israeli teen hackers was a September 2016 story about a couple of Israeli teens who ran a denial-of-service scheme and made a bunch of money doing it, but there was no mention of intelligence agencies blaming the Rooskies for that one. Still, "MUW" was pretty cutting in his critique of Wonkers, at least until the inevitable flounce:

  • Hahaha really is that the best you Wonkettes got "Grammar" complaints like a bunch of sissy little British School Boys? So how does it feel to be labeled a "Fake News Site"? Did you jump up and down screaming and crying when Hillary lost?
  • Really is that the best you can do? Since you can't win you only belittle your Victors.... Did you learn that from Barry? That is why we call him "Belittling" Barry after all....
  • Sure sure idiot...If all you have left is Grammar! Psst I cannot wait until getting to watch all of you crying again come January 20th! Just remember millions of Trump Supporters are out there laughing at your tears....And we are much better prepared than any of you are!
  • Well considering I didn't fail for the Corporate Owned "Fake News" Propaganda of Hillary Can't Lose unlike you and yours I would have to say I obviously seem to have been a lot smarter than any of you Clintonista's....Now ain't I?
  • Thanks coming from a twisted UN American like you I take that as a Complement. Still I suspect that at some point soon you and yours will be posting your silly nonsense from your "Safe Spot" at the Internment Camp so have fun.....We won you lost now get over it!
  • Hey I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 to prove I was not a Racist, I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 to prove I am not STUPID.... You?
  • Oh no Troll look up I posted my option on this Piece of Propaganda and you Clintonista's and Ruskie Hatin Trolls attacked.... So isn't that kind of like "Blaming the Victim"?
  • See Potty Mouths is all they have here. You lost because you trusted the Corporate Media in supporting the most corrupt Candidate to EVER run for President Hillary Rotten Clinton and not because of the Russians... So spew forth your vile sewage as you will but that still doesn't change the fact that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States (God I love saying that) and Hillary Clinton will be going to Prison!
  • OK well I have been thoroughly and soundly thrashed by the Bloody Brits Ruskie Hunting Moose and Squirrels, and occasional leftover Clintonista enough for one Fake News Website me thinks, Thanks DIQUS I'll always remember my Visit to WonkieLand! Just remember Wonkettes, come January 20, 2017 America will once again be entertained and amused by the endless tears and screams of agony coming from the Liberal/Progressives when Donald Trump is finally sworn into Office as the 45th President of the United States (God I love saying that)!

We learn so much from our trolls -- how is it that in eight years of Obama's presidency we missed how all the wingnuts called him "Belittling Barry," for instance? And we certainly are convinced that MUW voted for Obama twice, to prove he wasn't racist, yep, sure. Also, MUW, if you're going to be mocking liberals, you probably should at least know the buzzwords better. "Safe spot?" Heavens. Still, sorry about the potty mouth, stoatfucker. Also, capitalization isn't really "grammar" -- it falls more under "conventions of written English." The More You Know.

Our story on being named an official Fake News site by Alex Jones drew virtually no angry Alex Jones fans (the only kind he has, we'd assume), which was a great disappointment. We did at least get one, "DNC Funeral2," whose contributions were, we are sorry to say, pretty pathetic:

  • Every leftnut website is fake news

    That's why Hillary lost

  • Maddyke has blown a rectumGasket

Honestly, that's not even trying. Alex would be very disappointed in you. Hell, we don't even like you, and we're disappointed in you.

Going back into previous weeks' grumblings, there was "the martian ambassador," who at least had a promising username, and had this observation on our story making fun of Google for (briefly) misreporting the popular vote outcome. Just about the only novel feature is that "martian ambassador" seems to be our first visitor to call Keith Ellison a "communist muslim," which is at least half right. Sorry, Mr. President, the Communist Muslim torch has passed to someone who is at least a Muslim:

Wonkette is humorous, but the "news" here is just as fake as the sites you are railing against. The democrat party is collapsing nationwide and you think a communist muslim party chief will do the trick. HAHAHA..enjoy oblivion !

Then there was Fred Freud, another perfectly good username wasted on a wingnut, who was upset about all the bad words here, not to mention the site design. We feel right bad about that:

Heavens to Betsy! So much profanity!

And all that communist imagery and poser-proletariat rhetoric... this site has to be a parody. Right? I mean, NOBODY (outside of a mental ward) could actually have the world-view represented here.

I laughed till I cried. Pure comedy gold! I'll check in from time to time; keep the laughs coming.

Dang. They're on to us. Time to line up for meds, everyone, and remember to keep McMurphy away from the hypos, OK?

We received a bit of good old-fashioned anti-Semitism from "Klarn Mxyzptlk," who likes DC comics a whole lot, obviously, but not our article about Barack Obama being civil to a crude boorish white dude:

Whew! The greatest promoters of "Tolerance" are always the least tolerant. "The Jew cries out even as he strikes you."

What's really sort of sad is an anti-Semite whose username combines two DC comics characters: Klarn was some kind of caveman guy brought into the present in comics in the '60s, while Mr. Mxyzptlk is an extra-dimensional imp who pestered Superman -- and Mxyzptlk, like Supes himself, was the creation of a couple of nice Jewish boys from Cleveland. Considering that in his earliest incarnation, Superman was a Social Justice Warrior who used his superpowers against predatory landlords and bigots, and was an ardent supporter of the New Deal, it's kind of sad to see a bigot adopt a username from a character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster. Maybe that's what the "alt-right" considers "irony."

Finally, there was 1stAfterburner, some guy who didn't like our story about Trump's Nuremburg Victory Rally, and explained how adult all the conservatives were when Obama was elected in 2008. Also, Benghazi!

What a difference between left and the correct minded today.

When socialist racist Obama won,...most conservatives were disappointed but accepted it and endured like adults. Look at all these snowflake's tantrum's crapping their diapers! To equate a joyful celebration emphasising the first saving of American jobs accomplishment of Pres. Elect Trump,..(Wow,.before even taking office!) and reasserting that Trump means business when it comes to our border security with Hitler's Nuremberg rally is childishly asinine,. and simply the expression of pouting quivering lower lips of the unhinged left. And ..yes, Mexico will pay for the wall! You know how Mexico will pay for the wall? By U.S. Citizens not having to foot the welfare bill will pay for it an then some, that's how!

Cheer up and dry your tears snowflakes, could have ended up with a President who slept through a 13hr battle that ended with one of our key State employees murdered. But, this point what difference does it make?

It makes a world of difference former Sec. of State,.a world of difference!

"1stAfterburner" claimed to be a better American than us filthy liberals because his daddy fought in the Big One, WW II, as a ball-turret gunner in a "bomer," so he just wanted us to know that his dad's generation would be really amused by all us filthy liberals and our refusal to love Donald Trump.

You know, the generation that elected FDR four times. We didn't really need "1stAfterburner" around here anymore, so we washed him out of the turret with a hose.

Doktor Zoom

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