Deleted Comments Of The Day: Why Aren't You Cowards Afraid Of Muslims Like You Should Be?

Time for another visit to the ol' comment queue, where we find that our coverage of the Scary Muslim Beheading In Oklahoma really set off this one person going by the username"Karolthekafir," who appears to be inordinately fond of limes. Over the space of a couple days, karolthekafir left just under 20 comments on the one story, and they shared a certain... predictability after a while. Here's one of karol's first efforts to educate us poor benighted liberals to the need for immediate panic:

I wonder how many of you have been watching the news out of the Middle East...and seen the pictures of THOUSANDS of non-Muslims, including small children, who have been raped and beheaded in the name of the Prophet (pbuh)? Do you really defend this? Or are your collective heads in the sand? It is not Christians or right-leaning wingnuts promulgating the horrific violence against innocents. It is not Christians or righ-leaning wingnuts who are beating women and forcing them under veils because they are to tempting to look at. It is not Christians cutting the arms off children for the crime of having had a vaccination against deadly disease, given by a Westerner who was trying to protect them. I'd love to argue with you all, but I don't see any substantive ideas here. Just a lot of mutual admiration and name-calling.

Yes, we sure do remember all the times that we've written "We are totally cool with rape and beheading, because we think Islam is just the niftiest thing in the word -- especially the radical kind! Please, could we have a nice big helping of Sharia for lunch?" But you see, we are such dummies that we fail to recognize that, just as all Catholics are in league with the IRA (or is it the Mafia?), all Muslims are part of al Qaeda, which is exactly the same as ISIS, which is also part of Hamas, and there are no distinctions between such groups because Islam Is Scary.

But Karol had more to say! About 20 would-be comments more! He (we're just going to assume it's a guy -- apologies if we're incorrect) discovered, via the wingosphere, that murderer Alton Nolen was indeed a Muslim, and wrote stuff on his Facebook page praising Islamist radicals, which can only mean one thing: the murder in Moore, Oklahoma, has to be understood as an act of organized terrorism!

  • Have you seen the Alton Nolen Facebook page? The one where he is spewing hate against non-Muslims and showing pictures of jihadists wth guns, pictures of himself reading his Koran and sitting with imams? The one where he said "Sharia is coming" ? Wait. I'm sure he was just another disgruntled employee gone "postal"
  • ☪☮⚥✡☥☯✝ Can't we all just get along?
  • Go read it. See if you think the wingnuts are completely crazy. I dare you. I double-dog dare you. NO, I TRIPLE-DOG dare you. Bet you won't. You can't handle the truth.
  • Do you STILL want to perpetuate the myth that the Oklahoma murders were NOT religiously motivated? Even though the guy was posting beheadings and crap on his Facebook page?

And we dutifully looked at the two sites that reprinted posts from Alton Nolen's Facebook, and Jihadwatch. And here's what we learned: Alton Nolen is one very committed religious nutcase whose Facebook looks like the radical Islamist version of plenty of crazy religious fanatics on Facebook. But! But! But! He posted pictures of beheadings! By golly, he sure did: In October 2013, which means that surely that post just had to be uppermost in his mind when he was fired from his job on September 25, nearly a year later.

Can we claim that the Oklahoma murder (singular) was not religiously motivated? So far, as we've noted, the local district attorney doesn't think that it was, and neither does the FBI. Of course, that just proves that elected prosecutors in Oklahoma are a bunch of airy-fairy liberals who love radical Islam as much as we do, prolly.

Karol has him some other concerns, too, like how the media just doesn't report fairly about the criminal tendencies of black people:

  • Hmmm. I wonder what color the victims were? Maybe they can sue over a hate crime. Oh wait. I forgot. Hate crimes are when WHITES attack BLACKS. It is NOT a hate crime when BLACKS attack WHITES.
  • " Officers arrested and charged 10 teenagers and one adult as of Monday evening in the attack that happened in a Kroger parking lot… Three people were injured Saturday night by a large group of teenagers who came from a nearby CiCi’s Pizza restaurant. Two Kroger employees, ages 17 and 18, were jumped while trying to stop the initial attack on a 25-year-old customer." That is how the press reports a gang of blacks going after white folks.
  • " Springfield police are looking for a group of people who brutally beat a couple in downtown Springfield. Police have not made any arrests. They hope someone seeing the video will identify the attackers. One of the victims, Meredith Cole, says the attack started while her boyfriend, Alex, was working as a DJ at the Outland Ballroom. She said she was approached by a group of men outside the club, and they began to sexually assault her. Cole says she returned inside the club to alert her boyfriend, who then left the club to try to identify who her attackers are." the press reports black crime against whites.
  • "“I just got my license! You said get my license!” Jones, who is black, shouted at Trooper Sean M. Groubert, who is white, as Jones tumbled to the pavement, wounded by at least one shot." How the press reports what they see as white on black racist crime. The press lies and twists. And you buy it.

Hope you Wonkers have been following along with your wingnut bingo cards, because Karol is just hitting every square here! Whites are oppressed, blacks are out of control, Muslims are coming to kill us all, and... hey, anything about guns or gun control?

Wouldn't it be a far better use of your time and bandwidth to start a campaign for knife registration? Because it is certain that if one nut goes crazy with a knife, we are all at risk. No one should be allowed to have one. Confiscate them or register them, require permits for their use. Only allow law enforcement to carry them.

Karol also wrote, this in response to some comment or other (which we don't allow),

I’ll bet she’s the first one you run to when the threat is on YOUR doorstep, cuz it is certain you will be incapable of defending yourself.

We're not sure who the "she" is supposed to be -- we'll guess a paranoid gun nut, or maybe a survivalist, or maybe Pam Geller?

Yes, the threat is going to be on our doorstep, because any minute now, ISIS will take over or civilization will collapse, and we'll all be on our own. We think it's pretty hilarious how we're the fools who are out of touch with reality in this scenario.

At some point in his commenting spree, Karol finally noticed that his comments weren't being approved (they were submitted the weekend of the Seattle Drinky Thing, so certain comment moderators had far better things to do then). And there is only one possible explanation for our failure to invite Karol into our parlor so he can be with us every single goddamn day with his charming observations: We fear him.

  • Cowards. You're all a bunch of cowards. Quaking in your flip-flops. Can't take opposition. Weaklings
  • As Colonel Jessup said, "The truth? You can't handle the truth!"
  • I dare you to post any of my comments.

Hey, here they are, Binky. Strangely, we remain unterrified by your intellect. Oh, but why won't we let you join us every single day? Possibly because you're a fucking moron racist who is terrified that Big Mean Blax-n-Muslims are coming to take your guns and your country away, and if we want to read idiocy like that, we know exactly where to find it, snookums. Bless your heart.

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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