Deleted Comments Of The Week: Michael Savage Is Much SMRTR Than U Libertard Itiots!

No one can handle the truth about Hillary's illness!

Yr Wonkette apparently tripped the alarm at the Michael Savage Is The Greatest Man Alive Club when we made fun of him for whining about being CENSORED while yammering about Hillary Clinton's nonexistent health crisis. (In reality, half of his show was pre-empted by one station, WABC, for local pre-debate chat.) We heard from a whole bunch of Michael Savage fans, including one gent, "MichMike," who somehow thought it was very important to hijack the comments so he could rant for a couple thousand words about what a complete failure the Head Start program has been. No, nothing in the original article was about Head Start. But by golly, MichMike sure was mad about how wasteful and ineffective it has been, just like every other government program ever. Still, when he first showed up, he seemed like a pretty promising troll:

Wow, I don’t think I have ever been to this site. Lots of paid posters who make no points and just attack those who post facts about the corrupt and criminal ruling elites. Unbelievable.

We just thought we should correct the record and point out that commenters at Wonkette are only paid when Lorrie's roommate drives up in her McLaren F1 and drops off her big checks now and then. The rest of the time, it's tips only. Oh, yes, and MichMike also made it clear that we're all too lazy to look up the facts ourselves, like he does -- "I have invested 1,000s of hours to research subjects and you have not" -- and that our willful ignorance is "exactly what the corrupt and criminal ruling elites count on." So, like, you've been warned, man.

From "Grim Reaper," we got this reminder that even though the corrupt powers that be CENSORED Michael Savage (in one market where a local station exercised its option to switch to local programming), his Truth Goes Shambling On:

Michael Savage did our country a great service by exposing to us the health of Hillary, and the probable reasons why she is so erratic. For his efforts he was censored, and taken off air, but not until his legion of followers were able to see what the future holds if she is elected.

We don't know about "legions" of followers; "trickles" would better describe their arrival at Yr Wonkette. And their writing. Still, "Grim Reaper" is a person with a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, as his Disqus history reveals. In reply to a WND story titled Photo: 'Only zombies' at Hillary Clinton rally, Reaper chimed in,

Those that support Hillary Clinton are indeed totally corrupt mindless zombies, devoid of morality, and totally dependent on government to change their diapers, and feed them.

They are sniveling babies, and worthless morons of the first order.

Grimmy also wants Bill de Blasio arrested for treason for daring to suggest that Islamophobia is bad, and would like to see Islam "banned from the USA!" because he loves our Constitution so much.

Someone going by the enigmatic pseudonym "srchis" was pretty amused that we stupid liberals would even know who Michael Savage is, seeing how superior he is to our ilk:

Lol....libertard joke's actually listen to Savage. I guess you left wing curb crawler's actually need a dose of the truth from time to time. Look at his book sale's compared to hitlery Clinton, she just claimed that Merkel's is a great leader. What anti American moron's you are.

Some mean ol' Wonker noted that "srchis" seemed a bit grammatically challenged, and by golly, that elitist tomfoolery did not sit well:

Are u an overpaid failing teacher that has contributed to america's pathetic education system? Please feel free to correct my errors. Like most libertard itiots u can't see the big picture little girl

Look, r nations falling apert and u r worried about spelling and catapostrophes? U cant see the forest for the gump! Then, for no apparent reason at all, "srchis" decided to treat us to some freelance satire:

Hi new friend,just came to America on refugee status. I have six kids that can now have a chance at a good life thanks to you gracious American tax payers. They tell me that I now can bring more family and friends as long as I vote for democratic. This is truly the best country in the world ......thanks so much my relatives are packing now and are working hard on their hate for american law and I told them there's a place for Sharia law in us and it will only be possible if Hillary Clinton becomes elected president.

Don't mock. We hear "srchis" is in negotiations with Daily Caller for a new humor column.

From "richardfg7," we received an impassioned request to please, please, PLEASE open our eyes to the truth, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Hillary supporters ,PLEASE , go to youtube and watch "Clinton cash" , "Clinton Chronicles" (any episode) . This is NOT a popularity contest . It's not a ballgame where we pick our favorite team and tomorrow life goes on . Hillary Clinton will say ANYTHING to get elected . Her loyalties are NOT with the American public . They are with the globalist bankers who fund her and these people are pure evil . I have spent years investigating all these players and there is a very bad plan in motion . Hillary is key. Please , just watch one or both and be your own judge. This will probably be censored but I have to try .

You have to credit richardfg7 for earnestness, at least, and also for that tone which (unconsciously, we're certain) echoes one of the greatest Amazon product reviews ever. Do not use the cables! And what, exactly, has richard field goal seven learned from his years of research? Well, for one thing, Hillary Clinton singlehandedly brought turmoil to the Middle East:

Hillary Clinton armed al qaeda to start four illegal wars sending the millions of "refugees" to Europe that now threaten the continent and reignited the cold war with Russia . Which by the way , could go HOT any minute . Have YOU registered for the draft yet ???

Couple things here, dick: You don't research very good. Also, if we end up going toe to toe with the Russkies, chances are your local draft board office is likely to be gone before you have time to make the drive over there. (Do Draft Board offices even exist? Or is it all just postcards from the Selective Service to everybody on their 18th birthday?)

Still, you folks may enjoy dipping into richardfg7's Disqus history, much of which is at InfoWars of course, so you too can benefit from the fruits of his many years of research. For instance, in answer to a Mother Nature News piece which asks the pressing question "What are chemtrails, and are they dangerous?" (Their answers, reassuringly, are "condensation" and "nahhh"), richardfg7 strenuously objects to the blog's cover-up, because he's seen things, man, he's seen things:

Ya , sure buddy. I've lived in the flightpath of Seatac airport for 60 years and know what is normal and what is not . The "chemtrails" I have seen in the sky this week are NOT anything even near normal . PERIOD . Somebody IS spraying something up there . That's just a fact !

There you go. Expert analysis.

And finally, some other Big Thoughts on what's at stake in this election, from "slaveofchrist" (it's ironic!), who somehow ties up the whole conversation about Michael Savage's being censored by not mentioning Michael Savage at all. And also, you are preemptively NOT ALLOWED to bring up certain things about one of the candidates, because when it comes right down to it, Donald Trump is the Peace Candidate:

You fool. Obama has done more to dismantle this once-great nation than any other "progressive" before him. Clinton will continue that legacy, and you're foolish enough to cheer them both on? By all means, vote for the first female president instead of a nationalist and a patriot. When Russia sends an ICBM to your city because Grandma couldn't resist carrying on her legacy of destruction as SoS and shoots down one of their planes, you'll remember these words.

Inb4: Trump racist

Inb4: Putin bad

Inb4: Trump mean

Inb4: Trump tax returns

Inb4: Trump misogynist

Whoopee, we're all gonna die!

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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