Deleted Comments Of The Week: Stop Cramming Gay Pizza Down Our Throats!

If you want to delete a bunch of comments, just write about guns, race, or The Gays. Could someone out there please hold a gay black militia wedding so we can break some records?

Virtually all of our deletia this week grew out of the ongoing Religious Freedom crisis in Indiana and Arkansas, the latest front in the Culture Wars. In addition to making us all tired of typing "Indiana," the quest to ensure that Christians will finally be free of oppression in Indiana took a toll on a small-town pizza parlor whose owners bravely stood up to Big Gay by announcing that they would not cater any Big Gay Weddings with their Jesus pizzas. While we got a few wingnuts commenting on that first post, the real flood came with our follow-up, in which we tried to horn in on the pizzeria's "pro-family" gravy train -- which finally stopped accepting donations just short of a million bucks.

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Someone whose username was "Hill" -- we don't know if that's Hank, Peggy, Capitol, or Fool On The -- just wanted to set us straight (so to speak) about what a serious assault on Freedom the pizzeria had suffered, mostly in the form of online trolling (rude but legal) but with possibly some death threats (seriously bad, illegal, and condemned by Yr Wonkette). Hill pointed out that despite the huge payday, this was no laughing matter:

You try to trivialize it, but it was yet another aggression against whom does not share the latest "pro gay" trend.

Rabid, aggressive, self righteous (pro gay marriage) fanatical masses, brainwashed by Hollywood and co-decadence chearleading friends, have to impose their "gay" stance on everyone...cowardly backed by the "trendy" media and spineless politicians, they have the hypocrisy to presume themselves "original" and brave, while they are nothing more than a stereotype fashion of a decadent country, a countless horde posturing as a brave lonely knight.....

A "countless horde posturing as a brave lonely knight"? We're pretty impressed -- looks like Peggy Noonan is finally reading Wonkette.

Needless to say, after we deleted the comment, Hill was most upset, and left not one but three additional comments to let us know that we are enemies of Free Speach. Because we are monsters, we will only reprint the first of the three:

Careful, if the comments do not fit the Gayllywood agenda they will remove them, just like they did with mine, it is a constant of the fake lefty "freedom and equality", they pose in a way, and act in another,while trying to depict the other side as "bigot" and "intolerant" , especially when the comments are smart and difficult to debunk

Yep, we're just too intimidated by your irrefutable brilliance to allow it to remain, lest we have to confess that we are just part of the Gayllywood Elite. You sure got us there.

The same article drew a couple of far more concise replies from "roccolore," whose brevity was matched only by their mastery of political science:

  • As usual, the gay fascists are playing the victim after making terrorist threats.
  • Democrats = Nazi bigots

Dag, man, at least give us something to work with. Um...nothing in the article suggested that any gay people were victimized in the Great Indiana Pizzacaust, maybe? In any case, now that we have tapped roccolore with the Banhammer of Loving Correction, we can at least legitimately be called Nazis, since those guys deleted comments all the time.

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Our article on the passage of revised laws in both states, which pinkie promised that businesses won't be allowed to use their deeply held beliefs to discriminate, garnered a whole lot of passionate dissent from "SteveAR," who is either from Arkansas or a fan of Automatic Rifles, not that the two are mutually exclusive. SteveAR actually made a couple of legitimate-ish points before veering off into cries of "'elp! 'elp, I'm bein' repressed!" In reply to a comment (which we don't allow) arguing that the whole point of the new laws was to protect the "right" to refuse service to gay people, SteveAR noted that in Indiana, it's already perfectly legal to deny services to gays:

A jurisdiction that doesn't include the words "sexual orientation" in its anti-discrimination law in a state that doesn't either doesn't need an RFRA to supposedly discriminate against homosexuals. Indiana's original RFRA didn't change that one little bit.

Conversely, a state and/or jurisdiction that does have the words "sexual orientation" in it has been used to target Christians, whether the state has an RFRA or not. New Mexico does, while Washington doesn't; Christians in both states lost their cases. Therefore, it is a fact that just because a state has an RFRA doesn't mean there is a license to discriminate against homosexuals. But facts didn't matter to homosexual "rights"/"marriage" supporters, who are happy to harm the livelihoods of Christian bakers, florists, and photographers. The beliefs of Christians no longer matter, while the "beliefs" of homosexuals are to be forced down everyone's throats.

We like all those scare quotes! They're very "rhetorically effective." And we might also note that it's a tad dishonest to not mention that the original versions of both the Indiana and Arkansas laws had the effect of overriding any local laws that banned discrimination against LGBT people.

In response to another comment (which we don't allow) citing the 2014 case of a New Mexico photographer who refused to take photos of a commitment ceremony, SteveAR provided this proof that no way was the photographer doing the discrimination thing, not one bit:

I've read that case. The photographer had done business with the homosexuals before, so it is obvious the photographer doesn't discriminate against homosexuals. All the photographer wanted was to avoid having to go against her religious beliefs and being a part of the homosexuals' celebration of homosexual sex. How is that even discrimination?

Yr Doktor Zoom now feels pretty bad that when he officiated at the wedding of Yr Editrix and Yr Shypixel, we missed the opportunity to thank everyone for coming to join in their "celebration of heterosexual sex." It may be just as well, since we might not have been welcome to stay for cake.

Happily, for every long-winded AFA aficionado who can't stop putting quotes around "wedding" when the homosexuals have one, we also get a man of few words, like "Allen Thomas" -- we can only assume that's a clever punning pseudonym -- who would simply like to see some much more straightforward (ha!) problem-solving legislation passed:

I would absolutely support a law banning homosexuals altogether.

So there you go, then. The only other thing we'd like to note about "Mr. Thomas" is that his is the first email we've seen in years to come from a "" account (it is NOT his name, so please, no idiot trolling of whoever might have an account with that name. We don't do that). Prodigy still exists? You learn new things every day!

Finally, a few deletia that had nothing to do with Teh Ghey, and in some cases nothing to do with the articles they supposedly comment on:

We were spammed by about twenty copies of a petition calling for an end to the "CORRUPTION and MISUSE OF POWER IN JASPER COUNTY INDIANA GOVERNMENT," claiming that local officials are "engaged in an effort to kill senior citizens deemed unsuitable." You can find this thing in just about every single unmoderated comments section that mentions "Indiana." But then, right in the middle of the whole thing, is an apparent copy/paste whoopsie: "Shop Aldi for 39 cent Fine Feline Entrée cat food this is the slow death method of our government the normal for Indiana led by Jasper County corruption."

Forget pizza: Indiana is killing old people with 39-cent cat food.

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There's also this bit of wisdom in reply to our piece on Ted Nugent's innovative theory on why combat vets commit suicide -- Ted says that it's because "the commander-in-chief is the enemy,” but "MikeWhitney" would like you to consider an alternative alternative explanation of veterans' suicides:

The president of the United States of America is enabling the extinction of the American family. This is of grave concern for society and the national security of our country.

Obama is anti fatherhood and that includes veterans. He says fathers need to step up to the plate but fails to mention that when they do they get a fastball right between the eyes by our wildly bias & corrupt government funded family court industry.

The male suicide rates are astounding because of this industry and this of course directly and indirectly effects veterans. It's a major reason for their suicides.

[Multiple links to MRA sites deleted]

Oh, oppressed men of America, is there no problem in the world that is not Feminists' fault? Hahaha, we are kidding, of course there is not.

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And finally, because we tossed an offhand mention of America's Greatest Tragedy (Nevar Forget!) into a piece on Tom Cotton thinking about how easy The Gays have it here compared to Iran, we got this piquant media analysis from "bachole," whose Disqus history is a fine compendium of rightwing lunacy and -- go figure -- passionate defenses of the scientific value of homeopathy:

Conservatives could forget about Benghazi if the news media would do their job. Instead, thanks to their white guilt, they are too busy bending over for the President.

Oh, wait, we get it -- that's not a nonsequitur: it's actually quite on topic after all, since Obama is doing gay buttsex to the American news media when it comes to Benghazi. Maybe in Iran they'd be executed for that. Good one!

[Image credit: "The Assassination of Peepraham Lincoln," by David Deep -- one of the finalists in WaPo's annual Peeps Diorama Contest]

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