Deleted Comments Of The Week: Stop Supporting The Gays' Rectum Rituals!

Time for another trip to the Deleted Comments Cornfield where we wish away all the comments that don't meet our high standards for good commentiness, or which we just don't want stinking up our nice little comments section.

Take, for instance, some thoughts from "chrisporter," inspired by our piece on the wingnut lawyer who filed a ballot initiative that would rid California of all its sodomites by mandating that icky gay people "be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method." Chrisporter just wanted to let us know that despite our negativity toward the initiative's author, mystery lawyer Matt McLaughlin, not everyone who hates gays is necessarily a religiously motivated bigot. Instead, they could just be common-sense secular bigots who are sick of all the gay rituals out there!

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Wow! Why you gays think that a majority of Americans and people around the world, share his views from a Biblical or Sharia laws point of view? Stop fooling yourselves because a lot of sane people are not supportive of homosexuals, sodomites, lesbians, Transgenders, gays, or faggots rituals. What good are these rituals do for the continuation of life?

We honestly don't know that "rituals" chrisporter is referring to, though we think maybe he means "sex." Which for most people is not really much of a ritual; no matter how much they may moan, "Oh Jesus," it's probably not a prayer. Chrisporter left a second comment in response to someone who'd commented that Matt McLaughlin probably shouldn't think that the voices in his head actually represent "the people of California":

The only people that hear things in their heads are faggots! The rectum is not a sex organ it's for shitting and shit stinks and infectious diseases come out of it.

Hey, let's see what is going to happen with Mr.McLaughlin's petition?

Sick people don't be surprised if he's successful, because a majority of the sane and decent people don't support weird or unnatural lifestyle. So, at least someone is thinking how to solve this homosexual problem that has been imposed on the American people.

We learn so much about biology on this mommyblog! But what has happened with McLaughlin's petition? For starters, it's been pulled from the California Secretary of State's website, which doesn't bode well for McLaughlin and chrisporter's dream of shooting all the gays in the head (or other convenient method).

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Along similar lines, our story on Dr. Ben Carson's theory of How Gay Happens (prison sex) got "Joe" thinking about why doctors are covering up the obvious fact that homosexuality is a choice:

I was just talking to my private doctor and she said the same thing that it is absolutely a choice, I wonder how many other doctors are just not saying it because they don't want to be crucified like Dr. Carson is all the time for just saying the truth, no matter how unpopular the truth is, he says it. For me I would rather live my life knowing the truth rather than living a lie!

Two doctors pretty much makes for a scientific consensus, doesn't it? And Joe's doctor isn't even running for president, which just makes her opinion all the more credible. But since you really want to know the truth instead of living a lie, Joe, here goes: The truth is, you are A Idiot, and your doctor's nodding and saying "hmmm" when you shared your opinion of how gays get that way is not necessarily wholehearted agreement.

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You might be surprised that the story of child-"rehoming" Arkansas state Rep. Justin Harris hasn't really generated a lot more comments like this one, from "uncommonsense" (get it?):

You liberals need to get over yourselves and your hate for Christians.

This kinda thing has been going on for years. There's about 6000 children missing from foster care, and the chances of abuse in foster care are about 1100%. Children are being killed in foster care, and children are being adopted out at times ONE DAY AFTER removal from the home.

and yet before Liberals even want to take a stand on a WELL KNOWN issue, you wait until they can slam a "Christian" for it?

Thank God you HATE Christians or you wouldn't have cared about this event in the first place. If you did care you'd know. Everyone else does.

We can't say for certain, but we're pretty sure that if a Zoroastrian elected official gave his adopted child away to a former employee (and friend) who then raped her, stayed quiet for a year about the fact that his own daughter was the victim, and then yelled verses from the Epistles of Manucher at a reporter who asked him questions about it, we'd still have covered the story. But you're absolutely right: Until Justin Harris came along, we never covered problems in the foster care system anywhere, not even alleged "abuses" that turned out to be perfectly legitimate. Plus get your history right: we started slagging on Christian foster parents back when Michele Bachmann was trying to foster all the children in Minnesota.

This is not to say that we didn't delete a bunch of comments on our many stories about Justin Harris. Most of them were variations on the theme of what precise techniques from the Spanish Inquisition people would like to see applied to Mr. Harris. This ensaddened us, because come on, Wonkers, we don't wish violence upon people, even reprehensible "folk."

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Finally, we sure got a bunch of educational comments about firearms last week when we ran a story about the NRA's strange embrace of feminism in the wake of an ATF proposal to ban sales of one type of armor-piercing .223 caliber ammunition. We got a whole bunch of definitions of "pistols," clarifications that there is no such thing as an "assault rifle," a term made up solely by gun-grabbers, and more than one very angry reaction to the illustration accompanying the article, which depicted two ladies in tank tops firing semi-automatic rifles, but neither lady was using a rifle that even uses the type of bullets under discussion, so why are we even writing about the NRA when we clearly know NOTHING about firearms at all? (Also, what part of "shall not be infringed" don't we understand?)


It's nice to see that gun humpers have such a keen eye for detail, especially when it's largely immaterial to the point. From now on, we'll make a point of simply referring to every firearm with the name of Walter Mitty's favorite sidearm, the Webley-Vickers 50.80.

Doktor Zoom

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