Deleted Comments Of The Week: Why Are We Being Anti-Semitic To Sarah Palin?

The Deleted Comments Hopper was extra-full this week, largely because we hit on a convergence of topics in one post: we wrote about the Palin family and guns at the same time, and that combination summoned the angerbears from the depths. Also, we suggested that not all American Jews agree with Congressschmuck Steve King, who carries so much water for AIPAC that he has calves the size of challas, and that brought us some real winners too. Heck, we don't even have room to mention the anti-vaxxer who said that criticizing paranoia about vaccines is the "type of attitude is what forced people into internment camps and concentration camps," which is really too bad, because we wish we could have mentioned that.

So let's start with our apparently blasphemous observation that despite what Netanyahu-fluffers like Steve King think, most American Jews stubbornly insist on being liberal Democrats instead of conservative Republicans, which results in a whole lot of Jews not being Jewish the way that Steve King wants, which is for them to dump Obama and recognize that this is a Christian Nation that Loves Israel, as long as Israel is the Likkud party.

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A reader calling himself "DEMOCRATS=NAZI'S," who is as good at punctuation as he is at political science, explained that, statistics be damned, it is simply not true that most Jews are liberal Democrats, because the pollsters are only identifying "Jews" as "people who say they're Jewish":

What a bunch of arrogant Bolsheviks on this site.

None of you speak for religious Jews.

Orthodox and conservative Jews overwhelmingly vote republican.

You atheistic libturds that vote dem aren't Jews...

DEMOCRATS=NAZI'S explained this several times, and who would know better who a Jew really is than a true Jew, not a fake atheist Jew who votes for a Democrat, which automatically excommunicates you?

I'm Jewish from NYC and I totally disagree with you. You don't speak for me or the 33% of Jews that voted GOP in 2014...and the 67% that didn't were largely atheists whose only faith is to liberalism.

So really, going by results from a low-turnout midterm election, we can say with perfect confidence that 100% of REAL Jews are Republicans, so there. And thus was born the No True Sukkotsman fallacy.

"Funkmaster5000" had a similar thought, in more compressed form:

Obama supports Iran over Israel. HE is the real Jew hating bastard, you brain dead, blind sheep moron.

Honestly, we don't think this person has mastered Funk at all, not even a little bit.

And then there was the semiliterate "onwego4k," who no doubt was on the verge of Winning the Thread and showing all the libturds who was boss, at least before he was tapped upon the virtual noggin by the Banhammer Of Loving Correction.* Onwego4k left too much drool to reproduce in full, so let's just enjoy his first post on the topic, which follows the great old fundagelical logic that Jews actually are Christians, they just don't realize it yet, and only dumb bad Jews vote Democrat:

what a bunch of BS from the left about the jews in America . we are a judeo Christian nation so ignorantall of you. we came from thejewish religion .and therewas a time when they didn't believe it was really Jesus son ofgod most now do. Ilive in Jewish town those old daysare gone . we have a new temple on my street and the Christians and jews live very nicely together . we had an ecumen ical movementand we even have sunday worship at the beach.for all. you are so far off base .they youthof theJewish People went to Israel and fought with and for them the late 6 day war . you are off base . they jewish voting block no different than the youth , blacks, women, not informed just learning the truth how badly they all have been lied to and used for their votes democrats have lost those votes .obamacare was the biggest eye opener and the mortgage bubble burst and the first 2 years of Obama .democrats ruled totally. but they delayed the implementation til now . now they all are waking look at the black ministers now showing Obama removinghisshoes to pray with the muslims . that was the divide and conquer that doesn't work any longer. thisnew round of racism all started by Obama and holder nothing is working for him anymore. this whole areticle isone bunch of bull. when a Christian churchwas damaged the first to offer their synagogue were the Jews and when one burned down again they were the first . you don't get it thisis not the truth he spouts we know as Christians Israel is gods chosen people. amen.

boss i don't know how this guy even managed

to get on the internet in the first place

he is unutterably dumb

perhaps this is his first time around the reincarnation cycle

please leave some fresh paste on your desk this stuff is stale

regards, archy

Actually, why not a little more? Once you start thinking of him as a moronic version of Archy the cockroach, just flinging himself at the keys, onwego4k does have a certain poetic charm. We especially like all the "amens," because we're pretty sure Jesus wants us all to frame our interwebs comments in the form of a prayer -- it's like Jeopardy! but stupid. We fear he may actually talk like this, too. Okay, a couple more gems:

god bless my community is also like that we have orthodox and conservative jews in our town just as we have Christians and guess what I live in a democratic state andtown for year this year our town and many others went straight republican. amen.and we observe all jewish holidayswith them and they observe ours we don't have a problem our Christianity came from Abraham and theirs all one andthesme they know and we know Jesus was Jewish our religion came from there Jerusulem isour holy land also. Israel protects our holy land . ignorant they areignorant Joe bob and the rest

All-one universal wisdom essene rabbi brings truth to the holy land! Mother cat teaches moral A-B-C. Dilute! Dilute!

iam here grinning just hit me .left is getting desperate black against white didntwork men against women didntwork gay against straightdidnt work, rich against poor isn't working so lets try Jews against Christians . shows the ignorance of them all. Judeo Christian nation that is what we are and the jews will never go against Israel oh there are radicals just like in all denominations but that phrase hold s true all over the world Never again period . don't let these liberal trolls fool you with this BS all BS for the political process. they can say what they want we have americans not americans traitors and they sound like a couple of those progressive democrats really commies . see last week the communist party of America waved their banner to back the democrats . I lived long enough to watch the progressives infiltrate the system local state feds schools and here we are today. amen god be with us

Remember when the progressives infiltrated our once great system? Onwego4k sure does, which might explain his typing difficulties, seeing as how he's been railing against Progressives since the 1890s. Fingers get a bit cramped, they do.

And now, on to Guns. We got a lot of angry gun-humpers visiting in response to our funtimes puzzle page post asking if anyone could see anything odd in this photo of Bristol Palin's betrothed, Dakota Meyer:

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We apparently were complete fools to think that there might be something dumb about leaving semiautomatic pistols lying around the house, particularly when children are around. Also, we learned that there are some really eagle-eyed readers who can tell that there's no way that particular M1911 pistol could ever be dangerous, ever, as firearms analyst "John Barter" informed us, twice:

  • It wouldn't matter if he was balancing the gun on top of his head. That particular firearm has an empty magwell, hammer forward, not to mention, is equipped with a thumb safety and grip safety that could only be operated by an adult hand. You don't know dick... so why run your mouth about shit you know nothing about?
  • Doh...gun's not loaded. Magwell is empty, hammer is forward. Familiarize yourself with 1911 manual of arms. Meh..nm

Christopher Armour disagreed slightly about the hammer position, but knew at a glance that the gun had to be empty, because of course it had to be:

Actually, to me it appears that the hammer is actually fully cocked. No matter, the mag well is empty. The firearm appears to be a Springfield TRP Operator model, looking closely you can see the rearward cant of the rear sight, but the skeletonized hammer is not forward. Look just above the beavertail and you can see the hammer is in the full cocked position(the silver halfmoon extending from the hammer pivot ), his shoulder blocks us from seeing the full hammer. Regardless, hammer back, mag removed, he was either function checking, or dry firing, both perfectly common and safe proceedures. Both requiring an empty chamber. Zero danger in this picture, of course to the terrified uninitiated this looks like a potential bloodbath.

That's a hell of a lot of detail to observe in a relatively small photo, but maybe these guys know how to ENHANCE. Empty magazine well, or just in shadow? And if there's no magazine loaded, then it's perfectly safe, because no responsible gun owner ever removes a magazine without also clearing the chamber -- apart from all the accidental shootings that occur in exactly those circumstances.

But sure, we're willing to concede that, compared to some other handguns, such as the Webley-Vickers 50.80, the M1911 appears to be less prone to accidental discharge. Go ahead and leave them around for the kids to familiarize themselves with.

Another reader, "scottlac," explained that, regardless, as a Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer NEEDS to have a sidearm within reach at all times:

He is a man who lives every day with a price on his head and a fatwah declared against him. This would include any of his loved ones. It would be irresponsible for him NOT to be armed and ready.

From another commenter, "Jeff Fisher," we learned that because we made fun of this photo, we are terrible people who are in full agreement with deranged people on Twitter who didn't comment at Wonkette. Shame on us!

C'mon, Wonkette readers! Keep the hate flowing! Show us your true colors!

Fun Fact: When CSGV [Coalition to Stop Gun Violence] first posted this to their Twitter Feed, no one noticed the gun. Instead, the commentators spoke of their hatred for the Palin family and stated that Mr. Meyers was "stupid" for marrying into a "Jew family". Yes, that's a quote from the twitter comments. So you see, even if there wasn't a gun in this picture you and your ilk would still have mocked this American hero with your smarmy tripe, because to the American leftist, self-sacrifice is stupid. The American leftist is naturally stupid and cowardly.

It was only when the gun was pointed out that the "loving" liberal leftists began commenting about how they hoped the baby died by gunshot.

C'mon Wonkette! Show me how "tolerant" and "progressive" you are!

What's going on is that you and your liberal friends are dog-piling on this guy for DARING to own a firearm and hold his child in the same picture.

Man, we really need to stop all our anti-Semitism against the Palins and our wishes for baby deaths that we don't actually write, but that someone else wrote on Twitter this one time. It's disgusting.

"Jeff" also ignited a weird side rant about the value of the Medal of Honor by noting the indisputable fact that liberals do not value the Medal of Honor at all, which of course is normal for us leftists. Somebody else replied that, as a matter of fact, the nation's highest military honor is a pretty big deal and deserving of respect, but it doesn't automatically confer sainthood on any of its recipients (some of whom are even, egad, liberals). Somehow this morphed into a seriously weird bit of hyperbole from "pwrserge," who at least has an amusing username:

...and yes. A Medal of Honor IS a get-out-of-jail free card. You could have him on video beating a quadriplegic priest to death and I would not vote to convict his ass if he told me he had good reason. It is the ultimate character witness. You have no idea what that medal is worth. That man is entitled to a mandatory salute from every member of every armed service (regardless of rank) who does not, him or her self, have a Medal of Honor. (That includes the President of the United States.)

So there's one more thing that juries probably need to be screened for.

And finally, just because it's so special, a non-gun, non-Jew comment from "Datajlzone," who deserves some kind of prize for their weird combination of anti-racism combined with sounding more than a little like Brother Jed Smock, in reply to our piece on the chinbearded Aryan hero who was arrested after telling a federal informant all about his fantasy of taking back America by assassinating Barack Obama:

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  • The Lord God is not playing with you KKK/SkinHead racist. Once you die, your punishment is the Lake of Fire. You will not enter into his kingdom. You practice your ugly sins and gloat in his face. You will die in the Lake of Fire. End of sentence.
  • You hear yourselves skin head/kkk you will partake in the Lake of Fire. Your wicked sins have been exposed for ever. Lake of Fire is your punishment. period.
  • Looks like the RacistKKK/Skinhead ppl are gonna burn in the Lake of Fire. God don't like evil. Hell is reserved 4 the KKK forever.

What's weird is that while it looks like he's replying to some actual racist skinhead there in the comments, there weren't any corresponding deleted comments from anyone who actually was advocating for the KKK. At least not in that thread. So who knew? We have anti-racist fundies. Ain't diversity grand?

* borrowed from the "Mallet of Loving Correction," TM John Scalzi. Who once wrote a story about hyperintelligent yogurt taking over the world and also the best essay ever on Atlas Shrugged.

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