Deleted Comments Of The Week: Your Potty Mouth Clearly Shows That You Are A DEMOCRAT!

Princess Sunbutt does get a bit salty after a few strong ciders

No real common theme to our Deleted Comments this week, except for the eternal truth that we Libturds are all liers an hippocrybabies. Let's just list a bunch until it's time to post 'em, huh? It's a holiday weekend, for Crom's sake.

Our first set of missives comes from one "CheeMiss," who was very Cheesed and Miffed by our story on Anthony Weiner's latest erectoral collage. CheeMiss is sick and tired of women letting men take advantage of them by sleeping or even tweeting around. She also can't stand the liberal media for presenting their spouses as victims when in fact it is these women's own backs' fault for having been slept around behind! She wanted us to know that these horrible women have so diminished their stature that CheeMiss was forced to take special typographical action:

Neither hillary clinton's or huma abedin's "Victimhood" are a good example for women of any age. Both of them send the wrong message to women. Both women should have DIVORCED those creeps their married to, long ago.

(Hence the small caps on their names.)

Shame on them for having their "VICTIMHOOD" be an example. Of, uh, their own moral complicity in a spouse's clandestine bad behavior, somehow? In any case, it's that last line that wins CheeMiss first slot in Dear ShitFerBrains this week: that's a pretty big smackdown, when some internet commenter takes away your capital letters. Just like you squandered your own moral capital, you manslut-adjacent not-quite-hussies!

Needless to say, CheeMiss was not at all patient with people who insisted that maybe the guy who's doing the sleeping/tweeting around might bear more culpability than his non-adulterous partner:

  • See, you have proved my point. Their influence has done you no good at all.
  • I stand by my convictions that NO WOMAN should stick by her man, when he's done "her" wrong.
  • Your comment clearly shows that YOU HAVE NO RESPECT for yourself or for women in general.
  • Seriously, what's the point of your comment. Are you sweeping their victimhood under the carpet. That's a sorry lesson to teach women, all women, regardless of age. No wonder men don't learn any lessons.
  • ALL MEN who mistreat their wives, in any way, shape or form should be cut lose from the marriage or relationship. Self-respecting women have no problem with that. Why do you?
  • Seriously? What's not to understand by my point. Their husbands are perverts. DIVORCE THEM, STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!!! See, very easy to understand.
  • That and his testosterone is out of whack. He should be on medication for that. What's next........ rape?

We only slightly regret that CheeMiss didn't include a link to her dissertation on marital and family therapy. Beyond that "potty mouth" one, our favorite from CheeMiss was in reply to someone who pointed out that getting angry at women whose men cheat on them is a little like being angry at a black person who gets called a slur by a racist -- it's ignoring who the real malefactor is. Welp, CheeMiss saw the word "racist" and had a logic meltdown:

The day will come, when Trump wins, that calling a person a "racist" will be met with a law suit. I pray for that day.

She appeared to be under the impression that she was being accused of racism, somehow. Or maybe she was simply pointing out that there is no racism, so of course racial slurs are minorities' fault. Sadly, the banhammer fell before she was able to complain about how That Word is used in all the rap songs.

Our story on Donald Trump's impending visit to an African-American megachurch in Detroit drew a series of comments from "BillyButterNuts," who did us the favor of deleting them all himself before we had to banhammer him -- we only found them while looking through the queue of comments that were already deleted, which notes when a comment has been removed by its own poster and prevents us from restoring it to the comments section with the "approve" button. Of course, nothing says we can't then copypaste 'em into Dear ShitFerBrains, because the world needs to know that folks as nice as BillyButterNuts are out there:

  • Whitey from Detroit here. I highly advise Trump against going into an area that's full of armed, racists, violent negros who hate ALL white people no matter what they say. Just let all the black racist former Coleman Young and Kwame voters keep the city the way they like it.

  • I like the black church in the original Blues Brothers movie. Is that what they're all like? Too bad I cant go because Im white and all of those church going blacks are racists who will attack white people. I have a feeling that a large portion of black church sermons are just hate speech against white people. Am i right or wrong?

  • [BillyButterNuts' reply to somebody's post of the "Triumph the Insult Comic Dog" video, which features an armored personnel carrier with a Trump logo in a black neighborhood:] WHats really funny is that a tank being necessary makes the inner city neighborhood people look like uncontrollable animals. BACKFIRE! dipshits.

  • Yes! I'm a white guy who grew up in Detroit. I'll teach you how it works. First, some black males will stare and glare at you. Then, you're supposed to capitulate and cower away. If you don't do that, and just ignore their attempt at intimidation, they will then say some shit to you. THEN, you're supposed to shy away like a puss. But, if you're not a pussy, like I'm not, boom! It's on. They will come over, usually only when they outnumber you, but sometimes one on one. At that point, you have to leave or they will attack. Even though you might have been just trying to gas up your car or something like that, just minding your own business. You gotta leave and find a different gas station. And sometimes after they get a cheap shot punch to your head. But yeah, you're in THEIR territory. They are more just as or even more racist than anyone. They see you as the enemy, even though they caused all of their own problems. Even if they don't have many problems...they are still 100% racist. That's how it is. Did you learn something today?

  • WHite people wouldn't be able to see an inner city black church because the church goers would attack them on sight. Hey Doc Zoom, am I wrong?

Oh, we can help with those last two, in order: Did we learn something today? Yes. We learned that "BillyButterNuts" is a chickenshit racist troll who talked about not being a pussy, then self-deleted his own comments rather than leave them up for his fellow White Power Rangers to be proud of. (Alternate theory: Billy wrote and deleted all that stuff to see if he could make it into Dear Shitferbrains directly from the deletia queue. He could! Moderator secrets: BLOWN!) And yes, BillyButterNuts is wrong because he's a fucking racist shithead. Glad we cleared that up. Also, Billy, you should know we have an in with the Jews and they're coming to GET YOU.

And finally, a couple of thoughts on our piece exploring the very credible website USA SUPREME and its amusing methods of copypasting material from other sites, then adding in additional content in their own not-good English to prove that Hillary Clinton threatened to kill Bernie Sanders if he wouldn't drop out of the primary he'd already conceded weeks before. "Shanti North" has this witty observation, complete with a photograph to prove what a murderer those Clintons are!

A Clinton Mafia outlet. Guess what all the Boomers who support Hitlery, keep taking your meds and stay on the couch watching Corporate media and get you dumbing down dose of your reality.

Oh, what a Zinger! We're not sure if Shanti meant USA SUPREME was a "Clinton Mafia outlet," or whether that was us. We'll assume the latter, since we were debunking the truthiness. In any case, Shanti was backed up almost immediately by "biilyjoe," who took the brains and ran:

Absolutely. And obama friend and multi-million dollar obama contributor, john poindexter--owner of the Cibola creek Ranch, , ' took care of' Justice Scalia's body-- "every step of the way" with ZERO reporting from the complicit MSM

Nice try, "billyjoe" -- you can try to cover the trail as much as you want, but we know Scalia was really offed by the Order of St. Hubertus in one of their arcane rituals!

Also by a heart attack. That's the biggest conspiracy of all: our internal organs are out to get us.

Doktor Zoom

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