Deleted Comments: So John Lewis Got Hit On The Head That One Time. Big Deal!

They prefer heroes who didn't get skull fractures in some silly voting march

Quite a week for the deleted comments, so we'll put on the ol' neoprene gloves and breathing mask and get right to the Derp Pile. Not surprisingly, we heard from a lot of angry folks who have had it up to here with that terrible racist John Lewis, who betrayed America by suggesting there was something less than legitimate about a presidential election where one campaign was getting a little help from a foreign country's spy operations. Needless to say, the real threat to American Democracy is John Lewis, for suggesting that Donald Trump's election was anything other than perfectly normal, just like every other election where oppo research was outsourced to the FSB. One "Dave Stallman" called us out on grounds of pure logic: How does Lewis's past as a civil rights hero give him any credibility now?

  • If Lewis is such a badass why are all the Dems protecting like he's a retarded younger sister, after all it was Lewis that attacked Trump not vice versa, now everyone on the left is invoking MLK and trying to force Trump to apologize for being attacked. I swear you lefties have lost all your marbles. Seems to me Lewis is a thin skinned primadonna.
  • BUT, how does the fact that Lewis marched with MLK like they keep bringing up, give Lewis immunity for making anti American lunatic statements about his political opponents ? Lewis seems to be the world's oldest child.
  • Lewis said he didn't recognize the results of the election that are enshrined in the US Constitution which sounds pretty damn Un-American to me.
  • [If] you believe Lewis really is a legislative badass stop treating him like a defect by protecting him from criticism and don't whine in a year when Trump won't meet with him over some issue and call him racist for doing so, because we know the reason will be that LEWIS IS THE RACIST. That is all goodbye and goodnight cowards.

"Dave Stallman" was also very angry that people on Wonkette hide behind screen names, which makes their opinions completely invalid.

Now, we will admit there could be a grain of truth to the idea that simply because someone is famous for something, it doesn't render them immune to criticism, especially when they're talking about something unrelated to what they're famous for -- like perhaps a real estate developer pronouncing himself an expert on international terrorism who knows more than generals do. But John Lewis's fame comes from his fight for the right to participate in free and fair elections. And if anyone knows about the multiple ways in which democracy can be manipulated before a single vote has been cast, it's John Lewis. The marching with MLK part is certainly an extra badge of honor.

Not that Lewis is necessarily a civil rights hero at all, or even if he is, it was a long time ago, and so what? "Wile E. Coli" (we really hate having to admit an otherwise complete lunkhead has a pretty good username) happens to know John Lewis is no hero at all, because for one thing, he criticized Donald Trump, and for another thing, what has Lewis ever done besides betting beaten and tear gassed that one time, huh?

  • "Legislative Badass" Is this a joke? The guy is a bumbling partisan idiot who should have been relieved of his job a long time ago. "Hero" ? it cheapens the word.
  • YOU wankettes are somewhat delusional. He's not a hero. He's a zero. Heroes would be able to take what they dish.
  • You guys are desperate. With the racial crap. Give up.
  • You guys crack me up with your Russian BS. Poor things.
  • He is someone who thinks he can do whatever he wants and say whatever stupid things he wants to because he was hit a couple of times when he was younger. He's the best excuse for term limits next to Chaka Fatah . Corrine Brown and Jesse Jackson Jr.
  • [in reply to someone pointing out Lewis's skull was fractured in the Selma march:] It's over once it heals. Now, 60 years later, it really means nothing. He will be scored on his actions. He's now acting like a traitor and he's a hypocrite for doing that. But alas, he really isn't smart enough to keep his emotions in check and be a respectable Congressional Rep.
  • He's not a 'hero'. He's a nitwit who has exploited a few hours of his past for far too long. He's not untouchable. He started it with a completely stupid statement and got a little feedback from it. Nowhere near a 'hero'. And nowhere near intelligent enough to be where he is.

Pfft, so he got a skull fracture in one march, so what? It got better, and it's the only thing "Wile E. Coli" knows about John Lewis, so therefore Lewis has no other history. It's not like he had a decades-long involvement in creating and leading the SCLCSNCC [thanks to alert Wonkette Operative "Bob Mahnken" for the correction! I shouldn't try to remember things on my own -- Dok] and working for voting rights as well. Apparently this guy thinks Lewis suddenly came to fame simply because he was injured in the Selma march, like some guy who once caught a home-run ball and has been bragging about it ever since. We might see what a useless old jerk John Lewis is, if we weren't such racists. Also, we need term limits for corrupt politicians, all examples of whom happen to be black.

"Comrade Alva" had a lot of thoughts about Lewis, as well as about other important issues, like how commenters using Disqus's "block" function proves that liberals don't respect the First Amendment. "Comrade Alva" is one of those folks whose comment history is a catalog of catchphrases -- "Fake news," "dishonest press," "blacks breaking free of the liberal plantation," "violent libs," and so on. On the John Lewis post, "Comrade Alva" brought us a lot of similar one-liners, plus some copy-pasted text from a weirdass rightwing blog -- maybe theirs, maybe someone else's, but it sure was timely, since the stuff they copied was from a full year ago:

Stupid racist pieces of shit, like Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis, will continue to push the idea that all criticism of Obama is because of his race (half of it at least), instead of Obama’s horrible decisions – his laughable weakness that has allowed the world to burn down around him – the Obama administration’s corruption and total disregard for the laws of our nation – Obama’s continued support of terrorists – and Obama’s many covert attempts to destroy America from the inside.

Rep. John Lewis is a worthless fat libtard jackass who has no clue about reality, and will say anything to try and protect the reputation of their Socialist/Muslim savior, Obama.

The truth is that most criticism of Obama has nothing to do with his race, and has everything to do with how shitty of a so-called “leader” he has been, who will be remembered as “Obama – America’s Weak Terrorist In Chief” & also as the “Worst President in History” – both of which are 100% true.

Fatass loser John Lewis needs to wake up, put down the donuts or snack cakes, and try to get back to reality.

Timely AND witty! Also, just to make sure they hit every possible rightwing cliché, "Comrade Alva" reminds us that almost everyone in the Civil Rights movement was a Republican, but now John Lewis hates civil rights because he wants background checks on firearms sales:

We even heard from someone who created a one-off Disqus account with the username "John Lewis," to make the point that racism is over and The Blacks are the real bigots:

  • My name is John Lewis, I am a Planet of the Apes junkie, I collect Planet of the Apes memorabilia and I enjoy Dr Zaius. Any resembalance of my avatar to the racist bigot Rep. John Lewis of Georgia is purely coincidental.
  • Rep John Lewis is a grifter who makes living selling white boogyman fear porn

You do sort of have to wonder what's going on in the head of someone who's so insistent that racism is over, but can't seem to stop insisting The Blacks are lazy shiftless apes. Sorry. Lazy shiftless racist apes.

Our post on the geniuses who want to increase the white birthrate through the magic of internet memes, thus staving off White Genocide, got the usual bunch of racist trolls, including one guy calling himself "Spanish PePe," who offered some links to actual science papers to prove that the Jews want to manipulate Our Genes to control the world! (The papers were about possible links between genetics and behavior, and they were authored by Jews, QED):

Jewish propaganda is strong on (((you))) [...] but the problem is -- be prepared for your redpill -- society is a racial construct, jews know this, and if you are not genetically from the chosen race they think you don't deserve to be among them. Dont trust me? Just see some biomolecular studies, and see (((WHO))) are studying which genes determines what behavior within a society.

ProTip: not the nazis, but the jews.

"Genetics of social Behavior" by (((Richard P. Ebstein))), (((Salomon Israel))), (((Ariel Knafo)))...

AVPR1A Variant Associated with Preschoolers' Lower Altruistic Behavior by (((Gary Bornstein))), (((Richard P. Ebstein))), (((Salomon Israel))), (((Ariel Knafo)))...

Many other Jews. Sorry mates... RACES EXIST, and (((they))) just want to wipe ours.

Egad! Jews wrote a couple papers on genes and behavior! How blind can you be to the conspiracy? There's your RED PILL MOMENT! Of course, for both papers, our intrepid researcher left out any non-Jewish-sounding co-authors' names; like " Soo Hong Chew" and "Songfa Zhong" on the first one. Seems like a rhetorical misstep, since "Spanish PePe" could have explained that means the Chinese are in on it too.

A bunch of the other comments on the Moar White Babbies Thru Memes piece came from losers who flock at a neo-Nazi website that thinks it's the height of pro-white activism to spam comments sections, so we'll present only a few sample comments without usernames, lest the authors think they've won by bringing their devastating truth to us:

  • Omg! maybe they succeed... jews actually did it with interratial couples via MTV... maybe they manage to create nice propaganda that brainwashes our brain just like the jews have already done! What will we do if that happens?
  • This is amazing. The Left is now openly waging war against white families. I am in tears laughing. Check mate commies your time is coming bahaha.
  • Yeah, I mean it's complete insane to want to preserve your race. Hahahah
  • better this than to be memed into misceginating by the mainstream media...
  • What? So you want to increase white birthrate by pumping money to dindus to breed more?
  • "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"

You really have to admire someone who thinks quoting the all-important "14 words" is an impressive argument.

And finally, there was "czarangelus," who explained the science of why white women shouldn't be allowed to breed outside their race, duh:

  • There is nothing uglier or more obscene than a happy, stable family that supports one another into old age! You show'em, girl!
  • You don't understand making long-term emotional investments, you just throw yourselves on any dicks that will have you until you suddenly realize you're 40 and the only thing that wants to keep you company anymore is your 17 cats.
  • Yeah, why WOULD any man want to carry on thousands and thousands of years of genetic heritage going all the way back to when the first lungfish crawled out of the swamp and flapped, heaving for breath on dry land? I can't imagine why anybody would care about something so, like, totally banal as the perpetuation of humanity and the unique phenotypes of Europe in particular. Like, isn't the new color of my nails just like, so much more important?
  • I was hoping for an opportunity to expand on this! Think about the evolutionary history of human beings. If your tribe's men lost on the battlefield, you could frequently expect the women to be seized as war brides. Strong kinship and loyalty ties are, for women, a genetic liability - the better you are able to cope with being made a warlord's sex slave, the more likely you are to pass your own genes to the next generation. It's not pretty but it's the behavioral genome our ancestors gifted to us.

    And that's why you shouldn't be allowed to vote, or maybe your vote should count for 3/5 or something. You've been evolutionary optimized to be marginally-bonded sluts and generally speaking you completely lack the loyalty/ingroup axis of morality. That's why when an irresponsible man has a mid-life crisis he buys a motorcycle; when an irresponsible woman has a mid-life crisis, she burns down her family unit and goes out in search of what we call a "Chad."

See? SCIENCE! And in fact, the utter unworthiness of women to make their own decisions about whom to mate with is proven beyond a doubt by "czarangelus's" own personal experience. He has given this a lot of deep science thinking!

I was in a relationship for 15 years that I intended to carry on for life. But because society revolves around the wants of women rather than the needs of stable social units, she saw fit to pack up stakes and leave, knowing that there's always another dick she can throw herself on without any fear of being called out for her selfishness. For a time, anyway. When she's 50 and no longer attractive and the only thing that cares to keep her company are 17 cats, that's when the regret sets in. It's not "justice," but it's the closest thing we'll ever get.

Some bitch failed to recognize how important she was to preserving the social order, so she left him, and that's why white women need to be kept in line, to preserve the superior genetic and cultural heritage of guys like "czarangelus."

God, don't you morons know the first thing about science?

Doktor Zoom

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