Deleted Comments: That Nazi Angela Merkel Just Doesn't Understand The Superior White Race

And you may ask yourself, 'Well, how did he get here?'

Happy Sunday, Wonkers, and welcome to yet another edition of Dear ShitFerBrains, bringing you all the Derp that's fit to Herp. This week, we got a WHOLE LOT of righteous anger from one "Paul S. The Christian View," who didn't care ONE WHIT -- or one white -- for our Top Ten last week, because it had "Angela Merkel" in the headline. "Paul" kept insisting he was a "well known established author on Christianity," although the bulk of his scholarly work appears to have been published as letters to the editor of the Quad Cities Dispatch-Argus, serving Moline, East Moline, Rock Island, and Rock Island County in Illinois. Shut up, he IS TOO well-known! At least to people who step aside and tell their children not to talk to the strange man muttering to himself about the Muslims and the Gays all the time. So what did this well known established author on Christianity want to bring to our attention?

Merkel and her clan are of the same spirit as Nazis. Freedom loving German's have not provoked the violence and evil from Muslims. Islamic agenda is the genocide/democide (government sponsored murder) of everyone not Muslim, mainly our superior white race.

Radical Islam rules the agenda and they are bent on doing evil. Obama is a Muslim so naturally he has a satanic world view that chases after Islam.

"Paul" helpfully included a link to one of his publications, a June 2016 letter to the editor explaining that Muslim refugees are fixing to unleash a wave of terrorism on U.S. soil, just like the Orlando nightclub massacre -- which was perpetrated by a guy born in the USA. "Paul" even blamed "plutocrats such as George Soros and the Koch brothers" for paying off politicians to let Muslim immigrants come here to kill us, so that's a kind of bipartisanship.

Also, shame on Merkel for being a Nazi instead of supporting the superior white race.

"Paul" had a lot of thoughts on a great many things! He's one of those paulymaths!

  • I'm glad you admitted Soros paid for you to protest & post falsehoods to smear president Trump because he's destroying the Muslim Obama's white genocide agenda
  • I'm trying to convert everybody to Christianity out of my love for mankind.
  • I'm a well known established author on Christianity, you can check out my scholarly work below for your enlightenment, if you dare to see the truths. I've been corresponding with 23 Nobel Laureates in the last 21 years in my quest for knowledge of evolution & global warming "science"

    Letter: Why argument for intelligent design is beyond question

  • The Muslim Obama's cartels are setting up an organization that will create an alternative reality that comes from Satan.
  • Please read my scholarly published work to see the truth about the destruction of gays for yourself.


    "The same God that wrote the laws of physics, science and mathematics also wrote the laws of Moses.

    To tell a gay person that they are going to Heaven, is the same as telling them that they should go to a high mountain and leap for the moon.

    There is nothing more important that a parent should teach their children than the Bible. To do otherwise is to tell them to leap for the moon.

    Letter: God's laws trump court's gay marriage decisions [Everything but the first line here is from his "scholarly published work" in the local paper -- Dok Z]

  • Given that you're indoctrinated enough to get a PhD in physics from some leftie, university, you might benefit from some of my scholarly work on the unbreakable relationship between Christianity & science. I have a degree in political science, I know what I'm talking about.


    A Christian who discards scripture is like a scientist who discards the laws of physics. It is with mathematical certainty that scientists calculate the forces of the universe, both seen and unseen. Dark energy cannot be seen or proved but it explains what we observe in the motions of the universe. We study these unseen, unprovable forces so that we have a better understanding of the world we live in and we are better for it. [Again, second graf of comment is from one of his letters. But it sure makes you think, huh? --Dok Z.]

  • Make no doubt about it, President Obama is as evil a world leader as has ever lived on this planet. His father was Muslim, that makes him a Muslim until he denounces Islam.


    The people stood up like a lion and road that we would have "No more of this this!"

    God bless America, and God bless and protect our president -- I say "president" with pride instead of shame from the pits of Muslim Barack Obama's horrid administration with his white genocide agenda.

    It is a new day and chapter in the history books of America & our superior race.

  • Donald Trump is easily the most Christian President that I've ever seen and that goes back to Truman. He is only a "baby" in his having given his life to Christ a few months ago, but as we are witnessing in only his past 5 days in office, he has shown his boldness for Christ. Dr. James Dobson can atttest to his accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into his life as his Savior, by the way.
  • I'm a righteous Christ follower of a superior race in pure blood. I wouldn't be "crazy" by any normal definition. But one never knows with you liberal fascists employing leftists universities to even fix the definition of "fascism" to fit your agenda that it excludes the leftie.


    Go for subtlety next time if you want to change the dictionary or brainwash the young

There's just so much brilliance there it's hard to comprehend with our stunted leftist brain. For starters, we need to update our C.V., since we weren't aware letters to the editor could be included among one's scholarly works. It's really great to learn things from a well-known scholarly author who is definitely not crazy, and has been corresponding with 23 Nobel Laureates in the last 21 years on the topic of how global warming is fake. If you want to get really nitpicky about it, we're not entirely sure that sending angry rants to a Nobel laureate and never getting a reply really counts as "correspondence."

At some point while he was visiting last week, "Paul" had his comment history set to "public," and someone noticed he had posted an impassioned condemnation of "Pizzagate," because of course he did, on a completely unrelated story over at Media Matters. In that comment, "Paul" told another commenter at MM,

Unless you denounced the sick practice of "spirit cooking" children in a basement of a DC pizzeria by the Clinton cartels, I can't believe a word you say. Least of all about Christianity, for which I'm a known author with many scholarly works published.

This "stalking" didn't sit well with "Paul," who nonetheless went on to condemn our Wonker for mocking him, and indeed all of us here at Wonkette for turning a blind eye to all the children being spirit cooked in the basement of Comet Ping Pong pizza (which has no basement):

Only the evils like you would support the "spirit cooking " of innocent children. I'm pretty sure this godless site, along with facebook & many other, is controlled by the globalists MSM.

The Godless Facebook a subsidiary of the global elites and their army of Muslims has banned me for sharing a video that was critical to Islam that they didn't want people to know about. The title is "With Open Gates".

We learn so much at this job! According to a nice debunking by Vice's Philip Kleinfeld, "With Open Gates" is a 20-minute "mishmash of comically fake and out-of-context footage, bad subtitling and Islamophobic propaganda" from 2015, aimed at scaring people about the dangerous hordes of scary Muslims bent on flooding Europe with their unclean diseased nastiness. Kleinfeld notes that much of the footage has nothing to do with the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, but was rather "a collection of random footage of people that aren't white in circumstances that aren't stated," with a scary soundtrack and a Very Serious Narrator portending doom for White Europe. Big surprise: The video explains the Jews are really behind bringing the Muslim hordes to Europe. (Gluttons for punishment can find it -- where else? -- at Breitbart.)

Still, we suppose we should credit our "Bible believing Southern Baptist with a degree in Political Science from Western Kentucky U." (and a fine representative of the superior white race) for one thing at least: He's got a real gift for prophecy, accurately predicting,

I'm sure I'll be blocked on this site soon enough.

have a good day, antiChrist hater

And lo, it did indeed come to pass. We simply couldn't handle all the truth he was laying down, because we are degenerate leftists. Now, Mr. Soros, can we have our money for helping to advance white genocide? Being a race traitor doesn't pay nearly as much as we'd hoped. Also, our usual warning: even though "Paul" is fairly easy to identify from his signed letters to the editor of the Dispatch-Argus, we will not tolerate any doxxing or attempts to bother him from our commenters. Don't harry the loons, OK?

Our piece on the semi-firing of Tomi Lahren from Glenn Beck's pretend cable-TV network wasn't appreciated one bit by William D., who had some harsh words for Robyn regarding her crimes against good writing. In reply to a Wonker who asked, regarding Lahren, "Should I make the obvious dumb blonde joke?" ol' "William" had a real knee-slapper about Robyn: "If you do..It must be about the idiot who wrote this article!!!!" Robyn's article was accompanied by her staff photo, which clearly shows she has very dark hair, so we're not sure whether "William" thought the blonde lady in the article photo was Robyn, or if he doesn't know what "blonde" means, or if he just knows the author is an idiot liberal, and therefore very, very stupid.

"William" had a whole lot more to say on the topic of how liberals are not only stupid, but murderous, because liberal=socialist=Nazi=communist and also liberals did all the wars!

  • You're full of chit beer belly...I have more education than a page of liberals here and I'm conservative! No, liberalism is a mental disorder! A serious personality disease that affects one ability to make correct decision. Makes you think you know more than everyone else and should tell them how to live. It's a disorder than makes right wrong and wrong right. Makes people think that grinding up babies and sucking them outa their mothers is ok! That murder is ok, that is a sickness!!!!!!!!!! It's a mental disorder that makes them think socialism and Communism are great even though they have been tried in over 100 countries and failed miserably every time. Also, those ism's have been responsible for about 1,000,000,000 murdered in the last 120 years!!! Only a sick minded liberal would call that good and want to emulate that in the USA. So, snake in the grass...Don't mention liberals, education, and smarts in the same sentence it's an oxymoron when in reality it's just another mental disorder!!!
  • Hey fuckhead.....Add up 1st world war, second, holocaust, the Russian revolution, Chinese communist take over,Cuba, south America socialism, Korea, Vietnam, Africa and many many more you ignornat piece of shit!!!!!! The left in this is so fucking stupid you have no idea how many people have been murdered in forcing leftist principles onthe world. You low life Scum. 50 million babies have been butchered from abortion alone in the US. China..It's Almost uncountable. You murderous piece of trash shut up!!!!! I got your numbers you need no disappear as all leftist should.

When some stupid, stupid liberal suggested that someone with all the amazing education "William" has might actually know something about spelling and punctuation, he was delighted to have GOTCHA!'d them, because only stupid people nitpick about such things. "William" is about IDEAS, as you can tell from his explanation that liberals started both World Wars (sadly, we didn't keep him around to explain what exactly was liberal about the Ottoman Empire, Kaiser Wilhelm, or the other powers that jumped into the first one, or Imperial Japan in the second, but you know the Nazis were totally socialists, 'cause it was in the name). So, no, William is unimpressed by your mere griping about stupid spelling and punctuation:

If that's all you have shut up too. I don't give a crap about punctuation...It's the ideas and yours suck!! I purposely right it like I don't emphasize things so again I could give a fuck what you think. My thoughts you can't touch because you are a murderer too. You are a low life that should be in jail the same as anyone who shoots someone. Abortion is MURDER and anyone who helps promotes it or agrees with it is a murderer and will one day be accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the left who love darkness and hate will soon get their recompense!

Guess he's got us hate-filled murderers all figured out -- and truly, America will be a much nicer place when bad people like us are imprisoned for having the wrong politics. If only we weren't such stupid murdering liberals, we might be capable of comprehending our intellectual betters like "William." He's an idea man. Incoherent, illogical ideas expressed inarticulately, but please, focus only on his ideas, OK?

Just to show us how dedicated he is to facts and logic, "William" left us with this parting thought:

Hey Dick breadth...What I told you is true.... Your problem as a know nothing liberal, you don't let the truth and facts get in your way!!!! Pieces of shit leftist like you are like East and West to the truth!!! And there is a real truth...Not yours or mine... Truth!!! Fuckhead. Take the cock outa your mouth and stop mumbling!!!!!! Obtw. Trump won... Trump won..Trump won....Trump won.... Trump won..

Alas, it is true! Trump won, and now we are simply crushed! Surely we must all rend our garments and wail forever now that he's doing such a great job of rescuing America from our clutches and dismantling all our cherished lies! Also, with a line like "Hey Dick breadth," we aren't sure whether we should have banhammered "William" or offered him a chance to freelance for Wonkette.

Programming note: Yr Dok Zoom is finally taking a week off, so no Dear Shitferbrains next week. Yes, we know, we had a lovely bout of flu just a month ago, and now we want more time off? See what madness socialism is?

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Doktor Zoom

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