Deleted Comments: Trump Doesn't Encourage Violence. It's All Anita's Fault!

Anita Bryant: A willing tool of the Juice

Stressed out over the election and the general everythingness of this crapsack world we find ourselves in? Let's dip into the Deleted Comments Silo and see what wonders there may be! It's been a while, so we have a big backlog of derp to get to over the next few installments of Dear Shitferbrains!

Our mid-October story on Gavin McInnes and his "Proud Boys" dreaming of killing some "leftists" with swords, and then beating the shit out of protesters, was not at all appreciated by "jersey swamps," who knew darn well we were a bunch of lying biased liars, because only the left is violent, and no one can believe Wonkette anyway:

If you check any bias-fact check site you will see this site [dude means Wonkette -- Dok Z] is rated far left. So don't expect any accurate reporting here.

This "violent mob" was walking away but was followed by Antifa. Anita started the fight by grabbing a MAGA hat off of someone. The "violent mob" defended themselves. It was Antifa that got arrested.

Google it and read an account from a news site that is rated near the center.

The Jersey Swampboy probably had in mind the early -- and laughably inaccurate -- New York Times coverage that credulously sympathized with the poor fascists whose jackboots were assaulted by the bodies of those they were kicking. Funny, that's not what happened at all.

Of course Wonkette can't be trusted because he found a bias-rating site that puts us on the far side of "the left," a goal we certainly try to live up to. He was really proud that he'd checked his sources!!

I didn't make up this bias site and I don't get to judge any news site so you have no grounds to call me a liar. Check it out yourself if you aren't too afraid, you wuss. Type in wonkette in the upper right side. Type in any news site. If you don't like this bias/fact check site there are others. Try "All Sides". They will put wonkette on the far left also.

If you wrote a paper and used wonkette as a reference you'd be laughed at, cupcake.

Well, hell -- Yr Dok Zoom used to teach college writing, and if a student used Wonkette as a source, we'd be delighted -- and then we'd tell the student it would be fine to cite this mommyblog as commentary, but then go use more primary journalistic sources for reportage of factual stuff. That would be because we're about political commentary, not reporting.

Of course, Swamp Lad appears to have missed a crucial little note from that particular rating site, which unlike a certain bullshit chart we could mention, recognizes a difference between having a political orientation and being factually accurate, and happily acknowledges we do both:

Wonkette is a news and opinion website with a very strong liberal bias. They sometimes post tongue in cheek articles that can be misleading. Overall, they source their information and will correct factual errors when they occur. Although they are very biased in their wording and content they are reliable for information. [emphasis added]

Hey, we'll take it, though we'd add that we're only "misleading" if you're some sort of Fartenberry who can't recognize our well-telegraphed jokes. Jesus himself said so.

Oh, yes, and as for the Proud Boys being innocent lambs? At least five have been arrested in the attacks, out of as many as nine the NYPD is looking to charge. So hey, how about those violent Antifa supersoldiers, huh? Thank goodness before "jersey swamps" left, he at least identified the REAL perpetrators of violence:

Anita are cupcakes. They start a fight , get beat up AND arrested. LOL

You know, we always thought Anita was pretty aggressive, with all the singing and violent dancing about America:

Wait a minute! "If you are white in America?" SEE THE CALL FOR RACE WAR!

Also, Robyn's story yesterday about the "incel" murderer at the yoga studio in Tallahassee brought this very thoughtful and measured reply from a guy who made a brand-new, one-comment account and called himself "Arthur Dent."

I'm an older man who recalls sharing some of the feelings in my adolescent and young adult years that so called "incels" now experience. I've never had any desire to harm anyone and find violent acts abhorrent. That said, the availability of effective contraception and abortion over the last half century has made it easier for both sexes to act upon their primal instincts in choosing partners, a practice that is still anathema in many parts of the world. But the increasing rates of births out of wedlock and single motherhood that has been a consequence of this sexual revolution shows that we are making poor choices for intimate partners.

Translation: the sexual revolution led to these murders, which are very sad and abhorrent, but all that sexual freedom is at fault, every bit as much as the guy with the gun. Patriarchal views of women as property? Don't be silly.

But wait! There's more thoughtful analysis of just how regrettable this all is!

In other words, "chad", the charming male stereotypical opposite of the "incel", is not fulfilling his obligation to love, honor, and support his partner and their offspring, perplexing and angering a demographic of young males who may feel that their ability to provide resources to raise a family, the life goal of most human beings, is being discounted. I am fortunate to be happily married to a woman whose attraction to me is based on the kind of person I am rather than my physical appearance and social skills. I remember such women being few and far between in my young adult years. Thus, I don't find it surprising that a combination of jealousy, frustration, and libido fuels misogyny in this segment of the population and drives a few young men to commit heinous acts.

Yes, let's be very clear about all this: our correspondent does not approve of murdering women. He just understands, from the perspective of a man who has acquired a woman willing to sex him, why some men without his successful mating strategies might become so frustrated they'd be driven to kill because no women would give them the sex they feel is their due. How sad this state of affairs is.

If there's anything more disgusting than some schmuck making a deep-thinking excuse for murder and then saying it's all very regrettable -- but understandable! -- we don't know what it is. Actually, we do: It's such a schmuck using the username "Arthur Dent." Yet another case of a rightwing dipshit, like Ted Cruz, glomming on to pop culture whose values are antithetical to their small-minded pinchfaced view of the world.

We're not sure how this shithead thinks he's a pretty nifty Douglas Adams fan. Of the many messages you might take away from the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy books -- like "don't assume you know what the mice are up to," "maybe people shouldn't be nailed to a cross for suggesting humans be kind to each other," or simply "Oh no. Not again" -- you will certainly not find "sex must be granted or bitches gonna die." No, not even in that really sad fifth book when Adams was sick of humanity.

We'd challenge the jersey dweezil to find anything in Adams's work that suggests Adams would endorse the notion women's freedom to make their own choices is why men are "driven" to kill them, but sadly, this "Arthur Dent" has been sent away and told to go stick his head in a pig, the end.

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