Deleted Comments: Trump's Not Racist, And You're Going To The Ovens

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Our Deleted Comments queue is simply chock-full of Sore Winners this week, as our little mommyblog, recipe hub, and den of liberal iniquity was descended upon by a whole crowd of triumphant Trumpers, who just wanted to let us know what the election results were, in case we missed it. Our deletia mostly fell into two piles: People outraged that we would suggest Donald Trump or his supporters were in any way bigots, and people explaining we are fags, kikes, and kikefags who will be gassed under the new order.

Consider the thoughts of one "Rambo Furum," who wanted to remind us that, as the Constitution directs, supporters of the candidate who wins the popular vote but not the electoral vote will have their citizenship revoked:

  • your type never tires of being wrong
  • So many delicious liberal tears! Leave the country now.
  • Are you still in my country?

Mr Rambo also offered us this week's header image, in which a promo for "The Man in the High Castle" is given a Trumpian hairmess and this caption, which we guess is supposed to put us in our place:

And this inspiring shoop of a really dumb image from a video game:

In the Trumpdark world of the Trumpdark, there is only Trumpdark.

"Ghetto Tarzan," who managed a tolerable pun on a title by Ray Stevens (himself now a wingnut), explains why Hillary Clinton lost: Liberals weren't nice enough to white supremacists, duh:

  • You constantly hate on white people all day every day and this is what you get. I'm glad you Marxist authoritarians lost.
  • We won. You lost. You lost because you're hateful bitter people.
  • It's glorious that marxists like yourself lost.
  • Yes, Marxism is exactly what the Democrats hope to institute. We won. Don't be bitter.
  • Don't be bitter. You lost. You're anti-white rhetoric came back to haunt you.

"Joe L-P" did his part to explain this was a great victory for Real America, and Real Russia, too:

  • thank you for confirming to me that commies know jack shit about economics
  • incoming US-Russia alliance

    Hail Trump! Hail victory!

    commies on suicide watch

  • imagine actually believing Obama was a good president LMFAO. you deluded faggots are fucking hilarious
  • get memed on you commie jew fuck

Oh, and what hilarious memes they were! With cookies!

Someone libeling Belgian cartoonist Hergé by calling himself "Captain Haddock" Trumpsplained to us that progressives are now an endangered species:

Your tears are delicious. Cry some more, and take your fellow Kool-aid swallowing, regressive filth over the border with you before we drain the swamp.

You'll be shocked -- Blistering blue barnacles!! -- that this fellow's Disqus history is a fever swamp of Men's Rights sites.

"Ben Sokolow" looks forward to Donald Trump doing to US what Barack Obama did to decent conservative folks, whose guns are all gone now, and who can't win elections because Obama let all the illegals vote:

I was a liberal back then. I used to ask people, what about when the Republicans win? can't they just use this executive power expansions as well? You never planned on letting us back into power again though did you? You wanted a uniparty fascism with your minority immigrants you were going to amnesty that vote 90% democrat. IF you don't like America then you can get out. Flights to Africa start as low as $800. Don't you dare fly to Europe or Canada or you're a racist.

We're looking forward to the derision Ben gets when he attends his next meeting of the White Pride Tolkien Club, though:

God I love all you cringers so much. Your tears are my lembolas bread. I shall feast upon the salty deuterium for years. It's going to be ok faggots. No minorities are getting hurt. No women are getting raped. It's all going to be ok.

Dude. It's lembas bread. Legolas was an elf. You have shamed the Fellowship of the Wingnuts. Hand over your mithril armor, now. Yes, and your axe.

"Hazzard McCree" had some additional thoughts on how America will be Made Great Again:

  • You people think that cat lady liberalism is going to survive this. Consider this. We have the presidency, the house, and the senate, for the first time since the 1920's [because 2005-2006 didn't count? -- Dok Zoom]. We're going to put the jackboots on your throats, and crush the life out of you. We will act in the interests of white Americans, and we will turn this nation back into a paradise for our own, and damn the cost to others.
  • The worst part is, as much as you may try to hold on to hope, you know that there is none to be found. This was the end
  • You're going into the oven like all the rest.
  • According to the narrative, it worked out even worse for about six million shekel clutchers.

We think we might see a trend here. Like for instance from "Gender Blur," who has some plans for the Trump Years:

I love it when a neurotic Jew goes into full Kvetch mode.

It's Time to round these traitors up and deport them to the Congo where they can experience their precious diversity more intimately in a cannibal's pot.

And "Friedrich Schmidt":

No, fuck you. You thought White Americans were going to voluntarily exterminate ourselves and cheer on our replacements, but last night we opted out of the suicide pact. Hail Victory!

And "Fascitarian":

Oy vey, you goyim are voting in your own interest, this is inhuman!

And "Bantz Henriksen":

Lmao, the Jews are so butthurt. Severe anal bleeding.Next we'll round you up and put you in camps. Be afraid.

And they wonder why people keep thinking a significant portion of Trumpers are anti-Semites! It's a puzzle, for sure. "Greatus Koonus" was every bit as astonished as we were, of course:


Every time. Every damn time. Just another (((coincidence))).

(((He is saying, in clever (((code))) that (((Schoenkopf))) is a (((Jewish))) name, in case you weren't hep to the lingo.)))

Mind you, it's really not true that any Trump voters are racist, ever, as "AF Sarge" explained:

Looks to me like We the People have spoken. I know we are so racist that a Black man has been President for 8 years. How many woman are in the House and Senate? Obviously a majority of Americans didn't think Hillary could serve as President from Leavenworth Kansas. I say you are the bigot for only seeing your opinion as valid. What has the Democrat party done for America in the last 8 years beside lower wages, higher health care premiums, and more Americans out of work. I guess We the People are still looking for the Hope and Change we were promised. Just in case you couldn't figure it out I am Taxed Enough Already. God Bless America.

See? All that stuff about Trump supporters being racist is nothing but lies and hype. We'd sort of like to arrange a get-together for the neo-Nazis who showed up the morning after the election and the folks who angrily denied that racism played any role in the election at all, just to see what happens. Then again, we figure they'll be running into each other at a lot of state and local Republican meetings in the coming four years anyway.

Finally, a special shoutout to "kinggeneous," who earned himself a banhammer for explaining that this election finished liberalism FOREVER:

People have voted and spoke ,,,get over it,,,no more free habdouts

Sore loser,,,people have spoke, idiot

It was pretty unremarkable, and not even worth including here, except for a novel thing "kinggeneous" figured out -- maybe he is a geneous after all! After the banhammer fell, which prevented him from posting new comments, he noticed he could still edit the one comment we'd left in place so Wonkers could have a laugh. And so his two little lines grew to a full on rant, a stream of dickishness that may comprise everything he wanted to say on every other thread we've written since the election:

People have voted and spoke ,,,get over it,,,no more free habdouts

Sore loser,,,people have spoke, idiot

Only rigging is Obama telling people that you can vote even if not documented in usa ,,,only reason Dems want more illegals voting is to maintain power,,they have not helped the minorities in this country over 8 years and 8 million more people are poor. Figure it out,,Dems want everyone equal,,,,,to be poor and dependent on them so they can stay in power ..people are tired of Mexico and others just entering to use resources the Usa no longer can afford,,,we are in debt big time,,,do a little reading on two things ,,the Dems wanting slavery,,the Dems wanting to keep the poor black in the inner cities on the new plantation ,,,the slums. If you went on internet and read Clinton Murders,,,you might realize why she lost,,,pure evil,,,and bye bye... any person thinking or being Dem is solely uneducated to the facts,,or eating for government to feed and house them,,,,not looking for a job or prof espionage through education ,,,I have only seen many documented cases of dead voting,,,yep,,easy to win when that crap is going on,,,yes,,you can deny,,but do some research. I too at one time was a fan of Bills,,,but was young and dumb,,now have time to read,,,I can tell you 5 or six reasons trump will get things done for the country,,I listened to Hillary also,,,only talked of inc. Taxes,,free this and that,,,with no way to pay except take from hard working middle class,,,this country is in economic ruin,,,the dollar is a piece of worthless paper not backed by gold,,,one day,,,the end will come when it is no longer the reserve currency,,,educate yourself before thimaking this country needs 12 million poor illegals using our hospitals and schools. I married a Latina and am not anti Hispanic in any form,,,so yes trump won,,,so get over it,,,8 years of a muslim in office did not help the black people of this country and put us 10 trillion more on debt,,,I am afraid it is to late for anyone to turn around,,I hope you enjoy the tax breaks,,less health ins. Costs, the easier filing if taxes ,,if you work,,,enjoy less refugees getting 954/mo and free housing and food stamps and medical coming here,,you probably did not realize we give that to every refugee while we have people in streets with nothing,,,do some reading and maybe you can come out of the dark and see what the miserable dems have done to us,,,,

Leaving aside the massive amounts of bullshit there, from the first new line on (Looks like Fox Business News convinced someone!), we're impressed that "kinggeneous" managed to come back in and edit his comment without bothering to correct that hilarious initial typo. Man stands by his word, even when it isn't one.

We have a lot more post-election Derp to share with you, but it's going to have to wait. We wouldn't want this stuff to start sounding repetitious or anything.

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