Deleted Comments: Wonkette's Crackhead Pretense Of Liberalism Isn't Fooling Anyone.

Princess Sunbutt: benevolent diarch, or power-mad figurehead?

Our Deleted Comments pool was a little shallow this week -- the deleted comments are always shallow, but there weren't a lot of them, either -- so we hope it helps some that we rounded out our Senate Sunday with a complete wackaloon perennial write-in candidate to help you fill your Derp Quota for the week. Still, the folks we did hear from were angry and spluttering, so at least that was normal. We'll start with the unsurprisingly vehement responses from some folks to our piece on Wikileaks emails to John Podesta that were not from Hillary Clinton. The really fascinating thing about replies to this piece was the surprising number of people who kind of missed a key point in the article, which was that the supposedly inflammatory, racist stuff in the email was sent to Clinton adviser John Podesta by some loon -- and probably sent straight to the trash by Podesta. This does not matter! Hillary Clinton is responsible for everything sent to anyone in her campaign, which means somebody better lock her up for all those letters where she pretends to be the deposed Nigerian finance minister, too.

"Cheryljosie" was pretty ticked off that we weren't addressing the larger issue revealed by Wikileaks, which is that Hillary Clinton is a lying liar and yr Wonkette is Not Really Progressive enough, damn us:

I don't care where the leaks came from, but I definitely object to pundits characterizing them as fraudulent without any proof whatsoever. Smacks of partisanship and dishonesty. Wonkette in the tank for Clinton? Fine. Just don't expect your pretense of liberalism is fooling anyone. In case you missed it, this year Clinton is running the reverse equivalent of the 'southern strategy' enticing wealthy donors to the party, along with about half of the Republican vote. She even has a right turn signal in her logo. That's progressive? Not in my book!

It's true -- we may as well drop the pretense now and be honest: There's nothing we love more than oppression 'n' things. Also, bonus points for that "right turn signal" bit. And god forbid any Republicans should vote for Hillary Clinton -- better they all stay with Trump and elect him, for the sake of purity.

We would also direct you to cheryljosie's comment history, which includes an impressive 9-part, novella-length anti-vaccine rant at Mother Jones.

At least one person totally agreed with CherylJosie, one "Roger Sanchez," who happens to know you can't trust anything you read that's not from InfoWars:

They don't have the 'evidence' unfortunately CherylJosie. Rather, all they have are the hearsay/uncredible/uncited/etc. sources they assume is 'news' and 'valid'. Any sheep-magnet 'news' is news to them. They take anything presented to them from the MSM as valid without question. She will not be able to provide evidence. If she does, it's gonna be 'Snopes', or 'PolitiFact', or the like. Sad when people trust, but don't verify.

Thank god there are some people willing to do real research, like believing everything they read on Alex Jones's site. DON'T FORGET THE TRUCKER SPEED, ROGER, or you might not have the agility and stamina to evade Hillary's death squads.

The same article also brought this response from one "Al Case," who was at least brief:

Who is Rebecca Schoenkopf? Another crackhead.trying to be a journalist. Laughable!

We took a look at Al's comment history and suggested he might be happier back at Breitbart or Gateway Pundit, then showed him the door. This in itself brought a very huffy reply from "John McAdams," who was outraged that we would censor our comments, because something something Shillary, and also Shame On Us:

So you tell someone that they belong at a right wing propoganda news website, instead of a left wing one? News is supposed to be neutral. No one should be on this site at all, other than to stand up for truth and to expose this shill for lying.

We were actually unaware that we were a news site, since to the best of our knowledge we are in fact a pretend-liberal opinion site that opinionizes all over the news, in addition to providing vital mommyblogging, recipes, and an astonishing number of hook-ups among commenters, who are not even allowed to comment. We advised Mr. McAdams that Mr. Case's commenting history did indeed spend a fair amount of time at rightwing sites, and then we showed him the door, too, although we regretted not being able to recommend any sites that cater to insufferable prigs. Maybe Thought Catalogue.

John McAdams was also very angry that we used the words "made up" in the headline, saying "You do realize these e-mails are real and verified right?" Actually, we're not certain of any such thing, but we do know that the racist loony conspiracy piece we focused on was not sent by Hillary Clinton, and that as far as we know, John Podesta gave it no more than a glance before deleting it. A sampling of Mr. McAdams's other thoughts:

  • Downvote this lying corrupt shill no different than hillary in her writing & her life, corrupt. Don't lie to people about being News if you are just an advertisement.
  • Its cuz hes a hillary cuck shill
  • Yes, show us the fucking evidence because most of us Bernie supporters who care about the actual truth have searched for any evidence that the govt or otherwise has shown the public as to why we would even think what you are claiming as fact, and we have all FOUND NOTHING BECAUSE IT DOESNT EXIST, THEY LIED TO YOU WAKE THE FUCK UP
  • It's called the Liberal Media, those crack houses.
  • This site is nothing but a shill site meant to drive Hillary's narrative down unsuspecting people's buttholes.

We'll confess we haven't seen a heck of a lot of Bernie Bros calling people "cucks," but it's been a strange election, so anything's possible. Also, we have to question Mr. McAdams's mastery of filth-talking, since unwanted political discourse is generally crammed down a throat, or up a butthole. (We like it though!) For remedial tutoring, we refer Mr. McAdams to Frank Zappa's ode "Broken Hearts Are for Assholes," with its memorable refrain, "Ram it, ram it, ram it, ram it up your poopchute." One wants to be idiomatic about such things.

From "Ivan Pere," who apparently read the headline, skipped the article altogether, and posted this SHOCKING TWEET in reply:

BREAKING: Hillary Camp refers to Blacks as "Mindless Shopping Carts" with an inability to succeed!

Wow. Way to debunk an article that debunks that very claim: repeat the debunked claim! We have a feeling this may be why Trump is winning. You know he's winning, right? He says he's winning. "Ivan Pere's" comment history likewise makes for fascinating reading, at least if you find the backs of cereal boxes too intellectually challenging.

Our story about the Twitter troll who outraged a Basket of Gullibles with a tweet claiming to be a postal worker who routinely ripped up all the absentee ballots for Trump brought a whole torrent of outrage from "Ricky Lehey," who happens to know WE are the real liars, and voter fraud is rampant in the back room of a Columbus, Ohio, post office, because there's PROOF:

Fuck you pos liberals. It is NOT a hoax he has a picture of official ballots in a postal box and later posted them burning a pile of them. Everything is a joke when u get caught.

Unfortunately, the image he posted of "official ballots" was actually a stock image from Getty (we're not paying to embed it, thanks), and this very convincing Tweet from someone completely different:

You can see the Trump ballots burning, can't you?

Ricky then went on to excoriate us at length; here's an excerpt:

You call me stupid but you dont research anything yourself. Typical leftist all you do is ridicule and judge. My liberal family is the ones that cut me and my kids off with communications... Thats why they are dead to us. Your "better than everyone " attitude is an example of how they act. It is discusting. You are disgusting. Wikileaks must be too hard for you to read. And after project veritos infiltrated and recorded your DNC violence aggitators planning and laughing about hurting people, you cowards turn on us with social shaming. You have no moral high ground. So ban me... The truth hurts.

Im also a former democrat that voted obama both times.... But this smirky shitty attitude liberals are adopting is pushing more of us out of your self centered little party. Im a full Trump supporter now. And judging by his crowds and Hillary's lack of crowds... I believe you know your in the losing corner. Thats why your smirky childish comments reflect desperation.

Im glad you think it is FUNNY to make people feel like their vote doesnt count. You are literally undermining democracy and you brown coat socialist call yourselves "democrats". It makes me sad. Nothing like JFK. Obama who i voted for is worse than bush with wars.... Even pushing for a war with Russia. Worse than bush 10 fold. [...]

And i know for a fact from speaking with people at a trump rally, we have more registered democrats at trumps rally than you can find at a hillary rally. And you can blame your own highschool-like behaviours for why hillary will definitely lose. When the party line became more important than facts or the constitution.... Or freedoms... Ill stay registered but wont vote democrat till they clean you idiots out.

You lose. You will always lose. You dont have the cognitive synapses to reply with an argument... You just insult like a child. Shitty insults too ...since you just assume I am a white man because of my avatar. But it shows you are a racist and think all white people are imbreds like your mom. Try disputing what I said or did I grab you by your pussy and stump you.

Go fuck yourself.

He seems nice, and when Hillary loses, are we ever going to have to rethink our mean highschool racist behaviours. Ricky eventually flounced, but not before a final charge of hypocrisy most foul:

I would trust putin more than hillary. We have evidence against her... You have nothing against trump but lies and slander. Your arguments are not convincing to the educated. Putin has done less to harm the world than Hillary. Do you support safe spaces in college where only people of color are allowed?, like hillary?.... Cause last i checked that was segregation. But i bet you ignore that and insult me again because thats what you do. You have no real intellect. You are in a popularity contest in high school name calling. That is why business owners like me are leaving the D party.

"Safe Spaces" are segregation! We have no idea what that means, but it's almost certain to show up on a popular bumper sticker any day now. Also, is it mean of us to wish we could see some of his business correspondence? Also, shame on anyone who would assume that a person's avatar is somehow representative of them simply because -- if it's not an obvious joke like a glyph or a pop culture character -- it looks like a Facebook photo of the alleged user. So racist.

That's it, we're sure we'll get more stupid for you next week, and there is, thank god, no debate tonight. Also, for the sake of those of us in the so-called "Mountain Time Zone," please, no Walking Dead spoilers later in the day. (Non-spoilery Fan Theory: noted political pundit Our Girlfriend thinks Madison on Fear The Walking Dead will be revealed to be Negan's sister. Discuss amongst yourselves.)

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