Deleted Comments: You Mental Midgets Can't Write A Headline Without FUCK or NAZI! LOL

Fer one thing, its eyes are just teensy li'l things, and it don't have a hat.

We heard from a few fans of Confederate statues this week, which we're sure will surprise you a great deal. Actually, we didn't so much hear from people defending Confederate monuments as we heard from people who can't stand a bunch of damn liberals wanting Confederate monuments removed, which maybe tells you something about the National Dialogue On Charlottesville.

Our headline comes from a comment from a nice person named "Mazey," whose Disqus avatar is a stylized representation of The Dude from The Big Lebowski -- not exactly a movie we'd have assumed would be popular with wingnuts, but that's just our opinion, man. While he dropped by several threads, most of his wisdom was dispensed in the comments on our piece on Jesse Watters insisting that America is not nearly as racist as Jesse Watters. "Mazey" just wanted to let us know that the crowd of bigots who showed up in Charlottesville was not representative of all white people... at least not yet, but if liberals keep calling all white people racist, let's just see what happens, because at some point, racist liberals will have forced regular white folks to... do something.

Y'all are gunna hate it when regular ole white Americans get tired of being called Nazis.

A few people replied that, nah, we're calling Nazis Nazis, and pointed out that a hell of a lot of the people protesting the Nazis were white, and also what the fuck, man, nobody's calling all white people Nazis, but the history of white supremacy in America is a real thing, not limited to people wearing sheets or marching around in armbands (see, we just called all whites racist, obviously). "Mazey" had a lot of thoughts on these matters, and the glaring hypocrisy of leftists who refuse to ever criticize antifa violence, because we are HYPOCRITES:

  • Guy, the entirety of the internet is condemning Trump and the right for these 200 idiots. Half of the commentary is directed at all white people. You are dense, or you are a liar.
  • Well then you are truly ignorant. Because I see waves and waves of anti-white sentiment and this place is ground zero it seems.
  • You force everyone to disavow people we have nothing to do with. Then you don't do anything when Antifa violence is rampant. Liar.
  • Your identity politics are killing the country.
  • I don't really love or hate any one person or group of people. I am starting to make an exception for stupid white liberals that advocate violence to silence voices they don't agree with, though.
  • How is that BS? I am genuinely confused. It's not hard to see social media branding the entire right as racist. It's facts, not BS.
  • Regular Americans who don't care what color you are and are tired of being branded as bigots and racists.
  • There are racist people in this country. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I am here because I am sick of you lumping the rest of us good folks in with mouthbreathing morons like these people.
  • It's so stupid to call everyone a Nazi. Again, that is why I am here. Because you mental midgets keep calling everyone a Nazi lol
  • 200 people, dude. 200 people. Those are the extremists who did that. Not me dude. I don't condone violence in any capacity. Kinda like the violence that Antifa has been perpetrating for months now. One guy ran over that girl and you fascists want to condemn every white person in America as racist. Again, you are not gunna like it when they stop having patience with your violence.

Several people asked him what he thought regular ole white Americans were going to do when they lose patience with all liberals making such gross over-generalizations. He kept dodging for some reason. When someone specifically asked if he had some kind of violent retribution in mind, he replied only, "Fuck off. You know what I am talking about." So we're guessing they'll all get on the interwebs and complain they've just about had it. That, or the Day Of The Rope.

Elsewhere, "Mazey" had other observations on what a terrible filthy hatred-filled place this "Wonkette" is; these came in reply to our elegantly-headlined think piece "Oh Go Fuck Yourself With A Tiki Torch, Tucker Carlson":

  • LOL this site is great! You can't write a headline without saying FUCK!
  • FUCK, or NAZI, FUCK or NAZI. Can't write a headline without FUCK or NAZI lol

Needless to say, that's when people told the stupid fucknazi to fuck off with his fucking Nazi stuff. He is not, by the way, a Nazi. Just a regular white American tired of being called one, like when he went to a site with a primarily black readership to give them a lecture on the failings of African-American culture, yes all of it:

Your own culture is failing you. 73% born out of wedlock. Entire communities of thugs and lowlifes killing each other. This is not a black/white thing, it's a cultural thing. You can't see it. I criticize your culture, you hate me because I am white. But I am the racist. I know, I know, you still think I am the racist lol

Thing is, we take him at his word when he insists he doesn't believe that's racist. He's deeply wrong, but he sincerely believes he's just being all factual and stuff. Of course, he may have a problem with facts to start with. In the Tucker Carlson thread, he explained,

Nobody called Trump a racist until he became an enemy of the fascist left.

When several people pointed out that Trump has in fact been called a racist for, you know, being a racist, going back to his earliest days as a helper in his dad's racist rental property company (guys! You need to link to the 'splainers!), poor "Mazey" was aghast at our lies and calumnies:

  • No, he hasn't. You are lying.
  • Bitch, he won awards for helping black folks. Bitch, he has been lauded by the leaders of the black community before. Bitch, fuck off liar.

Funny thing, though -- "Mazey" had a sort of (very, very incomplete and larger-context-ignoring) point: as Joshua Green notes in his book Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency, which we really will review here when we finish reading it, Trump actually was briefly popular with a lot of African Americans -- mostly outside of New York, where he was a known quantity -- during the run of The Apprentice. The show really did have remarkably good ratings among black viewers. At least it did, until Trump decided, with an eye to politics, to push the birther stuff about Barack Obama, after which that support -- and the ratings -- dropped off sharply. His very conscious decision to go with white identity politics during the 2016 campaign killed off that support almost altogether.

In any case, "Mazey" finally ended up getting banhammered, because we fascist liberals Can't Handle The Truth. But before he was shown the door, he had declared victory over all the idiots here, especially the ones who grew tired of him:

  • I just came here to make fun of you idiots! #idiots
  • I'm not sure if I should laugh at you idiots or be very scared you are growing in idiotic numbers
  • Blocked lol. I know, I win

Yup. Nothing proves you've won an argument like idiotic idiots letting you know you've become intolerably annoying, because they are idiots. (#idiots)

We actually had enough derp about statues that we'll save some for a second helping next week, but since we mentioned Donald Trump's legacy of racism, we'll offer you some Deep Analysis by a reader who debunked our piece on that time Fred Trump was arrested after a KKK riot in 1927. While we noted there's no evidence Trump père was part of the Klan or participated in the riot (he was arrested for ignoring a cop's order to leave, and that charge was dismissed at arraignment), "Clark" was having none of our Big Media Liberal Slanted Fake News shenanigans:

Fake news and a photoshopped old news article.

We wondered if this was actually a thing with Trumphumpers, and were relieved to see that while many insist Fred Trump was a wholly innocent victim of police overreach and media slurs, nobody claims the 1927 articles about the event were Photoshopped. "Clark" seems to have confused that Fred Trump story with a completely different internet story about Fred Trump that was fake, and did involved Photoshop: in September 2016, somebody 'shopped some very fakey KKK robes onto a picture of Trump and his parents. As Snopes notes, very definitely fake.

Oh, look at Snopes with their fancy umlaut!

But as we pointed out in our piece on the 1927 events, Fred Trump didn't need to be a Klansman to run a demonstrably racist real estate business that the federal government sued for housing discrimination -- twice -- in the 1970s. Trump has insisted -- disingenuously -- that the settlement in which the Trump Management Company was allowed to admit no guilt amounted to a complete exoneration, which of course just isn't so. And don't even get us started on the Central Park Five or Trump's racist friends, because this is where the party ends.

Gosh, is mentioning that going to turn all of white America against us? We'll take that risk.

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