Deleted Comments: You Think Cultural Marxism Is A Joke?? (Yes. Yes We Do.)

Cultural Marxism is Magic!

Good Morning Wonketteers! You guys all know the old joke about the guy who had his semicolon removed, right? Now he has to punctuate into a rubber bag. And we think he may have dropped by a couple of Wonkette stories this week, under the all-caps username UR_FREINDLY_NEIGHBORHOOD_TROLL, who popped up on our story about Frank Luntz and his difficulties with basic logic to say

Evan Hurst is a moron,

Now, you might be wondering what was coming next, after the comma, but UFNT was done. We think he might be that guy in the joke, whose condition was so bad that he slipped into a comma. That's just how he ends sentences. Every. Single. Sentence. It's more than a little jarring! Add in a smattering of really sad insults and stupid rightwing slogans, and the whole stew made for a mildly interesting textual train wreck. So, a sampling of UFNT's many, many comments from the thread on Luntz and on the "alt-right" guy who got stabbed after getting into a fight, then blamed "Armenian Terrorists" who hate Donald Trump and supposedly yelled "You’re getting the shank, White Boy!" Also, don't call him a Nazi, because that makes YOU a fan of Joseph Stalin. Also, the Georgia special election proves Donald Trump will rule a thousand years. It's just logic. Or maybe it's just logic,

  • Evan Hurst looks like a jihadi suicide bomber in training,
  • I guess you have to give him credit for not exploding on a baseball field or cutting a Law Enforcement Officer's throat while yelling Allah Akbar in Flint Michigan, Evan is still keeping it mostly non-violent, apart from his moronic articles representing violence against rationality,
  • Lol, you morons here are the dumbest people on Earth,
  • Why would I read an article written by a moronic lefttard sore loser who denies reality for a living to feed moron libturds like you your daily dose of propaganda,
  • What a bunch of disgusting, whining babies,
  • It's not a slur, sweetie: you libturdistas are a bunch of whiny, disgusting babies, that is a FACT,
  • "terminally stupid" Lol, this coming from a wankette reader, whose tribe is maniacally spending the Day After spinning their side's decisive defeat as some hugely significant harbinger of future majestic victories,

    you really couldn't make it up,

  • If you ever wonder why America is in the dumps, just remember: Wankette crowd votes,
  • [reply to "love that they think SJW is an insult":] It's not an insult, it's a medical condition, and you people indeed shouldn't be mocked, you should be treated,
  • Oh, another member of the "EVERYONE I DISAGREE WITH IS HITLER" school of libturd thought, swell,
  • [reply to "I just think it's hilarious he's offended by being called Adolf when he literally came here to defend a Nazi."]^ I give you the Liberal Idea of Freedom of Thought,

    never forget: people like "joke" are Stalinists, and they would enslave you, and kill you, given half a chance,

  • ^ Imagine being dumb enough to think that pointing out people were forced to produce goods outside America under Obama because your moronic Democrat Party almost ran American economy into the ground is a good tactic against GOP,
  • There's more inbreeding on this loser libturd Wankette board than in Islamofascist no-go zones in Belgium, sad really, you libs should go out and meet real people,

There was much, much more. Kudos to the Wonker who replied simply, "Whoever taught you English must have really hated it." Maybe they meant the teacher hated the experience, but we're more inclined to think the teacher had a grudge against English that was passed on to UFNT, who has continued their mentor's noble fight against punctuation and making sense. UFNT clearly has an anti-Semantic agenda. Also, shame on the Liberal Idea of Freedom of Thought, which seeks to oppress conservatives by viciously pointing out minor logical incongruities. That's how Stalin got started, you know. Also by forcing punctuation on the Kulaks.

Just to be sure the comma weirdness wasn't something UFNT came up with for us, we checked their comment history, where they do indeed end every comment with a comma, with the exception of a recent comment on a rightwing site where they slipped up and used correct punctuation while ranting about how elitists are using Julius Caesar to call for the assassination of Donald Trump, but when another play featured the stabbing of a Caesar who resembled Barack Obama, nobody thought it was political, because reasons:

Nobody who watched it then interpreted it as anti-Obama.

EVERYBODY - both the lefttard Islamophile moron SJWs from NYC who get triggered by MAGA hats, and American patriots who may not have PhDs in Shakespeare but have IQ above room temperature - correctly sees this iteration as being anti-Trump.

What the playwright intended isn't important. The fact that Caesar in the play may be a saint, and that the "true message" is "assassinations don't work" is irrelevant. This is anti-POTUS, assassination-glorifying left-wing porn.

I'm amazed that we have to hammer home this basic point again and again,

Weird, huh? Only used a comma to end the comment, but not at the end of each prior sentence. Which suggests UFNT knows how to end a sentence, but deliberately chooses not to -- or copypasted all but the final sentence from somewhere else. If it's a conscious choice, then maybe UFNT is trying to be the wingnut e.e. cummings. Or maybe it's the ultimate statement of a Man Going His Own Way: He has forsworn any further association with women, including periods.

Since this week's pickin's were a bit thin, we also bring you some deletia from a couple weeks back, when some twit calling himself "The Fathers Initiative" dropped by our story about the poor fired racist Breitbart writer who turned to the internet to ask for help paying her family's medical bills, because apparently there's no "Affordable Care" for her to sign up for. "The Fathers I" was very, very worried about the main threats to American Values: Jews and "Cultural Marxism," which might be the same thing in his head. In any case, he gave us a some stern warnings, including one that had a video link to explain things to us benighted dupes. After somebody made light of his concerns that "Our school students are being subverted by cultural Marxist propaganda. It's a serious concern," TFI gave us some edumacation!

So, you think that Cultural Marxism is a joke ?? We are constantly being told how to think. and, the whole purpose is to corrupt society. Why would you consider that a silly issue? Ironically, they're also using cultural Marxism to radicalize Islam.

Yep, that's Gavin McInnes, the rightwing loon who co-founded the milk-chugging Proud Boys. He informs us that Cultural Marxists have indeed been brainwashing our innocent children, starting with the "New Math," which we're pretty sure was before his time, but was obviously bad and Marxist and led to Americans not recognizing that one in four Muslims is a likely terrorist or terrorist sympathizer (we tuned out after that, honestly -- maybe you can find other Nuggets O' Brilliance to mock in the comments, which of course we don't allow).

TFI had many other thoughts, most of them very precious, and also he IS NOT an insane Nazi or a Holocaust denier. He's simply learned to think for himself, like all the other freethinkers at American Renaissance:

  • Nope. You can't be rationalized with. For no apparent reason, you used the term "White Supremacist". Therefore, I cannot take you seriously. But, since you're trying to define cultural Marxism as a quest for equality, we BOTH KNOW that's a flat out lie. Cultural Marxism is attempting to say that 'sexism and homophobia' are uniquely the fault of white men. This is why YOU turn a blind eye to Islam. Because you want to believe that ONLY White men are 'sexist'. ONLY white men are 'homophobic'. So essentially, the information you're giving is just plain FALSE. and, you're probably already aware of your dishonesty. But, it proves that SPLC is a terror group since it attracts communists such as yourself.
  • still talking about "Nazis". That garbage gets dull after a while. BUT, since you brought up the issue of Classical Music, and countless other forms of music: These were creations of Western society. Just like countless inventions. And that's the real reason why Jews specifically hate Western Culture.
  • I'm only gonna say this once: Jews are at war against us. Literally speaking: Jews started a secret war against all Western nations. They know how to ruin nations. Simply control the media.
  • idiot. You Jews and your obsession to a singular moment in time. It reminds me of a Jew website which was using photographs from the Cambodian Genocide and claiming those pictures were of Jewish killing fields.
  • You're worthless. A typical Jewish simpleton. You keep using terms like "nazi" for no apparent reason. You all think exactly alike. Most importantly, your redundant hostilities are always directed toward the same people. (Caucasian males). You don't ever show any hostility toward Blacks. or, anyone else. This is the typical Jewish behavior I've observed for years.
  • SO, in a previous video; you're proclaiming the holocaust is a fact. There you go again, talking about the holy holocaust. We don't deny it. But Jews were most definitely at war against Germany prior to the holocaust. Jews were trying to destroy Germany with Cultural Terrorism & cultural Marxism. Also, the Jewish creation of communism is responsible for more evil than anything in history. Even North Korea and Cambodian Killing Fields were the byproduct of Jewish communist doctrine. So, don't talk to me about the holocaust.

You know, for a guy who is definitely not a Nazi, he sure does obsess about The Jews a lot. And about how the Holocaust never happened, or might have happened but it was no big deal, or actually the Jews had it coming for creating communism, and the Jews did North Korea and the Cambodian genocide, so don't you go talking to HIM about no "Holocaust."

Poor dude is really worried that he's going to be white genocided by the blacks and Jews, who never contributed anything to America anyhow, as he noted over at white supremacist (oops, now he won't take us seriously) website American Renaissance:

They're never gonna stop. They'll steal our history. They'll claim credit to our inventions. Soon, Blacks will get credit for inventing the automobile, Trains, Airplanes, indoor plumbing, etc. It's scary but true. Even worse is (((who's))) most often behind this rewriting history.

He also wanted to WAKE UP fans of Paul McCartney and warn them that unless they stop the mongrelization of the races, we'll never be able to enjoy Paul McCartney's perfect European-phenotype features in our music again (strangely, he didn't condemn McCartney for playing all that decadent rock and/or roll music with its sinful negroidal rhythms). And yes, this is in response to a post on Paul McCartney's official website offering "colouring in images" for fans to print out and colour in, with crayons or coloured pencils, for Christmas, or Chimney-Sweep-Waxing Day, or whatever they call it in England:

Image from Paul

Photos from Paul

And there's ol' The Fathers Initiative, not being a white supremacist at all:

Okay, let's talk politics. Take a good look at the photographs above. Unless things change, merely 200 years from now, this unique European physical appearance will be erased from the earth. Let's not dismiss the issue. This is why modern day progressives are so dangerous. In January 2017, your buddy OBAMA reconfirmed his ambitions to create a world where European attractiveness is replaced by the 3rd World.

You know, we don't think he wants any coloured pencils at all, and likes the top picture best, because of all the whiteness. Also, we're surprised he wasn't kicked to the kerb. Or made to eat something vegetarian.

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