Delicate Republican Flowers Cry That Maxine Waters And AOC Are Insurrectioning Them

Delicate Republican Flowers Cry That Maxine Waters And AOC Are Insurrectioning Them

We are approximately 12 years into the House Select Committee January 6th hearings and people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andy Biggs are still not sure what anyone there did wrong (although they would like some pardons, please!). In honor of this feigned ignorance, Greene, Biggs, and others are spending today crying that Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters, by protesting the ruling and encouraging people to take to the streets, are doing insurrection to them.

"This is exactly the type of behavior Democrats try to pin on Republicans," Rep. Biggs tweeted, probably through tears, "This behavior is not heroic, it's divisive."

You know, unlike taking people's reproductive rights away. That surely will unify us all. Or at least the 55 percent of Americans who consider themselves pro-choice and the 64 percent of Americans who at least didn't want to see Roe overturned.

Marjorie Taylor Greene clutched her pearls and cried/tweeted "AOC just launched an insurrection. Any violence and rioting is a direct result of Democrat marching orders."

Meanwhile, the ever-ridiculous Jenna Ellis declared Maxine Waters an "insurrectionist." (For the record, I would like to declare Maxine Waters amazing.)

Fox News talking heads tried to compare Rep. Waters's rhetoric to the racist rhetoric that inspired the Buffalo shooter. To be fair, encouraging people to protest the loss of their reproductive rights is quite similar to telling people that the Left is trying to "replace" them with people of color in the way that both things involve ... words.

This seems a tad grotesque in light of the fact that the Buffalo shooter was a white supremacist and Maxine Waters is a Black woman. That being said, while we might discuss the effect certain kinds of speech have on people, no one except Republicans is suggesting that the speech be banned. While we'd all love it if people on major networks could refrain from spouting white supremacist talking points, what we really want is for those affected by that speech to not be able to go out and buy a bunch of AR-15s with which to go murder a bunch of Black people trying to do their grocery shopping. While it has yet to be an issue, I would certainly not want someone on my side of the abortion debate to go buy a bunch of AR-15s with which to gun down forced birthers — not least of all because it would be a bad look.

Republicans are not that great at protesting — like the time they protested Starbucks by going to Starbucks and buying coffee just to get baristas to write "Trump" on their cups, or the time they "boycotted" Keurig by smashing machines they had already purchased, for the purpose of defending Sean Hannity's honor. Also the time they smashed their way through Congress trying to overturn an election. Apparently they cannot tell the difference between that and people, as Ocasio-Cortez suggested, "taking to the streets" or even, as Waters suggested, doing civil disobedience and doing everything they can to ensure that people are not deprived of their reproductive rights.

Rightwing "news" site "Not the Bee" asked us all to "imagine if a Republican" were screaming "ILLEGITIMATE!" and "INTO THE STREETS!"

That is not hard to do, as the answer is "nothing." We might make fun of them, depending on what it was they were on about, but legally? Nothing. People are free to call things illegitimate, including elections, even if that is not literally true. They are also free to take to the streets in protest. What they are not free to do is violently break into Congress demanding to hang people in hopes of forcing people to overturn a legitimate election and perhaps overthrow the election. See the key difference here?

Too many people are now losing their freedom, their bodily autonomy, and perhaps even looking at losing their lives if they happen to get pregnant — for those who have disabilities that make it dangerous for them to get pregnant. We all know Republicans love being victims, but this is not their day for that.

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