Dem Defeat Bill Scheduled to be Defeated on Anniversary of our Success

It's kind of complicated, but the 'for' votes are the ones *against* the troops. - WonketteAll the Democrats plus Chuck Hagel and Gordon what's-his-name from Oreganada voted to spend $124 billion on losing the War in Iraq yesterday, despite the fact that their bill will be vetoed. It will be a very symbolic veto, though, because they refuse to deliver the bill to the President until the 4th anniversary of the now-classic "Mission Accomplished" speech (Christ, four years! How time flies when you're occupying). But nooo, they're not just doing it to be dicks. The parchment copy machine is out of toner, or something.

Democrats earnestly explained how they couldn't possibly move so quickly. The bill had to be printed on parchment, then signed by the speaker of the House and the president of the Senate -- actions that would almost certainly take until Tuesday, particularly with all the "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" observances.

Wait a minute, this is a Dana Milbank column -- where is the obvious "take our daughters and sons to war" crack? Did he just waste a perfect opportunity for a vaguely pun-like joke-esque ironic remark? Is Dana ok? Can someone check?

Playing on the Senate Floor Is a Dirty Business, Children [WP]


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