Demanding Truth from Secretaries

* The story that just won't die that only wingnuts care about. [WorldWideStandard]

* One of the people generating less buzz than all of the GOP presidential candidates is a GOP vice-presidential candidate. Gotta fill out that losing ticket. [Fresh Intelligence]

* The French President says that the Surge in Iraq is a failure, much like the "massive PR effort" going on to suggest that it's working. [Think Progress]

* Maybe Giuliani inhaled a little too much World Trade Center dust as he held up the towers himself, waiting for help to arrive. [Election Central ]

* Hilarious new comedy to depicts the kooky antics of Iraqi insurgents. [Iraq Slogger]

* The RNC is demanding payment from members who have violated their loyalty oath. [TMP]

* For some reason, there are some nutcases under the impression that Elliot Spitzer is President of the United States. [Redstate]

* When you record your phone call to the congressman's office and ask your provocative question, maybe you should get the press person on the phone first instead of lashing out at the receptionist. It does help though, when you have a beautiful speaking voice. [Hot Air]


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