Democracy Is Going To Die Tonight, But Your Wonkette Will Be There At the Deathbed To Hold Your Hand


Primary elections for both Democrats and Republicans tonight are said to be "crowded," just like a hott nightclub, with lots of candidates to make us all sweaty. And luckily, your Wonkette will liveblog the whole affair so you can get all the Congressman Pete Hoekstra you can handle! Not to mention all the hott (Michigan Attorney General Mike) Cox! Both of those fellas are running to succeed term-limited Jennifer Granholm (seen at right with lightsaber) in America's Worst Job, governor of Michigan. That should be an excellent race, and also gubernatorial and Senate contests are happening in Kansas and Missouri.

Will Michigan finally rust over completely and collapse into a depressing heap of hopeless blue-collar workers? Will Kansas and Missouri explode from all the abortion and be raptured as "We Are the Champions" blares throughout the country? There is only one way to find out, and it is this liveblogging thing. So join us at 8 PM Eastern or so (which tonight is "8 PM Yooper time"), as that seems to be when all the polls close tonight.


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