Democrat Lite

* Mitt Romney doesn't realize that a bicycle is not only excellent way to get around, but a fantastic way to fight obesity as well. [The Swamp]

* Tony Snow, the White House's liar most lovable in his desperation, says that the FBI Director somehow corroborated Gonzo's testimony by refuting it. [Talking Points Memo]

* Pat Tillman had three gunshot wounds to his forehead, which you know, happens all the time in these tragic friendly fire incidents with outspoken critics of the administration serving in Afghanistan. We're sure nobody's got anything to hide and we'll happily prove it to you as soon as all the documents are declassified in 2097. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Nothing demonstrates a bigger break from the president than choosing a Republican as a running mate. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Michelle Malkin says something about the YouTube debate, probably dressed as a cheerleader. [


* Rudy is skipping the YouTube debate because he doesn't want to have to take questions about being the raging liberal we all know him to be. [Election Central]


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