Democratic Ad Does Class War All Over The GOP's Big Fat Tax Cuts For Rich Fuckwads

Remember how stoked the Republicans were about how last year's tax cut bill and how it would be their Number One issue for the midterms? And how there have been about eight jillion stories about how GOP candidates are instead running ads about everything but the tax cuts? (OK, fine, there's one Republican guy who insists he was saying Boo-urns and the Democrats will surely fail by mocking the tax cuts. We suspect he may not be arguing in good faith.)

Well thank goodness someone's finally getting some ad mileage out of the tax cuts. It's the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, but hey, it's an ad. And a surprisingly good one at that!

Here is the video, in which (spoiler alert) the rich fuckwad executives all talk about their big tax cuts, and then we see their underlings, who are literally office furniture, haven't benefited much.

It's reasonably clever, gets the point across that the CEOs are doing great, and the rest of us ... well, we have our place, too. (Now if they'd just fix the volume, which was so soft we had to turn our speakers up. This is a warning to reduce YOUR device's volume before you watch the next video, 'kay? We are nothing if not servicey.)

The ad is a sequel to another ad the DCCC ran back in April with pretty much the same conceit. It's good, too! If you turned up your volume for the previous one, take it down a notch now, though -- this one booms:

We would happily offer a whole bunch of thoughts on how these ads are a cut above the usual scary-music-and-fear ads of campaign season, but it has been one shitty half-week already and we will instead go put our brains in the fridge for a bit.

Also, DCCC, now do a whole bunch of ads on healthcare. People really like healthcare. The inequality angle is good, but yeah, more healthcare, please. Maybe the cast of the execs in these ads could pass the hat for an underling with a sick kid, and then fire the underling for selfishly taking too much time off to take care of the kid?

Only funny, you know. Gotta keep a light touch.

Have at it, it is your OPEN THREAD.

Update: Oh, hey, we missed one! Turns out "Side Table is the third in a series -- we missed "Bonus Checks," from May.

(Thanks to the DCCC's Tyler Law on the ElectroTwitter!)

[DCCC on YouTube]

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