Democratic Defenders Of Liberty Bring Back Hallowed 'Brew Pop'

Democratic Defenders Of Liberty Bring Back Hallowed 'Brew Pop'

Thanks to two brave Democratic state legislators, patrons of your friendly neighborhood Rustico restaurant in Alexandria, VA can now eat their brew pops in peace. What's a brew pop, you ask? Only the most brilliant frozen food item ever invented, because it is made of beer.

Last year the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control said that people shouldn't eat frozen beer -- and it is true that anyone who has ever left a Budweiser in the freezer to "cool off faster" and then found it esploded can attest to the general undeliciousness of frozen beer. But Rustico's is different, because it was made with loving care by an Executive Chef and a Beer Director!

The valiant toils of state delegate Adam Ebbin and Senator Patsy Ticer produced a new bill that makes all this stuff legal so hurrah. Also Rustico apparently "reformulated" their pops, maybe to make them less boozy or something.

THE SCENE: Brew Pops Are Back [Washington Post]

Rustico Restaurant


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