Democratic Primary Debate in N.H.: The Blogosphere Responds

· "Can [Lieberman] please answer a question without telling people how well he knows himself?" [DailyKos]

· Edwards "is a boffo performer, though it's occasionally clear that what we're hearing is a scripted riff brimming with insincerity." [Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard]

· "Clark is toast." [Andrew Sullivan]

· "[W]ho the hell dressed Joe this evening? His striped outfit is killing the fashion policeman in me." [Priorities & Frivolities]

· "More charts from Kucinich. Doing it on TV is an improvement, but he needs to learn how to use PowerPoint better...." [CalPundit]

· "Kucinich: pipe dream, pipe dream, candy giveaway, pipe dream, unicorns." [Pandagon]

· "Why didn't anybody ask Dean the obvious question: What were you thinking?" [BuzzMachine]

· "Clark is not a Democrat. He’s barely a person." [Roger Simon]

· "Something's not quite right about Wesley Clark. Aside from the fact that his name is 'Wesley.' He can't help that." [Outside the Beltway]


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