Democrats Can Still Lose This Election If They Try

  • A new poll shows voters liking Democrats in general, but none in particular. Clinton, Obama, and McCain are all about tied for voter appeal, although the first two both come out slightly ahead in a matchup against McCain. [Wall Street Journal]
  • While Americans continue to drool over news stories about women "selling their bodies" for money, Egyptians are actually selling their body parts, for money. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The CIA got rid of all its detainee interrogation tapes, but the Department of Defense did not. About 50 have been identified so far. [New York Times]
  • Just in time for another election, the Iraq war narrative begins to favor Republicans again. [Politico]
  • The Carlyle Group is a sinister private-equity firm that employs retired Republican presidents. Carlyle Capital is a subsidiary of that group that just went into default because it invested exclusively in mortgage-backed securities. [Washington Post]

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