Democrats love them some Joe Biden. He's either the ultimate unity candidate or we just hate Donald Trump with a singularity of purpose never previously seen. Democrats aren't always good at staying on message but “we want to make Trump hurt" has resonated. It's inspired us to put aside any petty squabbles and just focus on bringing the pain on Election Day.

The New York Times polled six battleground states and found that Biden enjoys ridiculous levels of support from Democrats. This includes voters who'd supported another candidate during the primary. Bernie Sanders supporters back Biden over Trump's dumb ass 87 percent to 4 percent. There's no Bernie or Bust here! Biden rocks the house even more with Elizabeth Warren's supporters. They're with Biden 96 percent to zero — as in nothing, you lose, good day, Mr. Russian Asset President. That's better than Biden's own primary voters — one percent of whom apparently support Trump now. We're gonna assume that's a rounding error.

It's hard to compare 2020 to 2016. I sure as hell don't want to get into it right now. Suffice it to say that Democratic Party unity was harder to achieve in 2016. But we were also enjoying the final months of Barack Obama's presidency. Trump loomed large, but we've now had four long years — 50 of which were spent confined to our homes — to fully appreciate how serious a threat President Klan Robe is. Our prevailing goal since Inauguration Day 2017 has been defeating Trump.

Biden performs the weakest among supporters of Mike Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar. Eight and nine percent respectively are considering injecting bleach for another four years. That's still impressive: In 2008, 15 percent of Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton voted for John McCain in the general election, and about 12 percent of Sanders's supporters in 2016 voted for Trump. There also weren't that many Bloomberg/Klobuchar supporters, so Trump shouldn't get that excited over those scraps.

There was a lot of debate after the 2016 election over whether Sanders “defectors" or third-party voters cost Clinton the election, especially in key swing states where Trump's margin of victory was a percentage point or less. I don't want to resume that debate. My point is just that this isn't an issue for 2020. Democrats are collectively riding with Biden and we haven't even had our Zoom convention yet. I say this while knocking on every wooden item within reach, but these numbers would indicate that Biden is on track to hold every state Clinton won plus restore the blue wall with magic Superman vision.

Meanwhile, Trump is collapsing among key demos — all the old people he's tried to kill, and his virulent racism plus his overall incompetence, has suburban voters fleeing the GOP in droves.

Some more fun news: Trump and the GOP have tried to dust off their tired "scary Black people" routine but voters aren't interested.

From NBC News:

The new survey from Monmouth University found that 77 percent of American adults say that "defund the police" means to "change the way the police departments operate," not to eliminate them. That view is shared by 73 percent of white, non-college educated Americans and two-thirds of Republicans, Trump's core voters.

Just 18 percent of Americans say the movement wants to "get rid of police departments," a view shared by only 28 percent of Republicans and 18 percent of independents.

Trump's campaign has spent $3 million in the past week trying to paint “Biden's America" as one where criminal mobs run rampant while the police hide underground from Bane's army. His accomplices on Fox News promote the same dystopian narrative. But like a dull knife, it just ain't cutting.

Sixty-two percent of Americans believe Trump's handling of police protests has “made the situation worse." Only 38 percent think Black Live Matter has worsened race relations, but 71 percent believe the movement has "brought attention to real racial disparities in American society."

Trump is failing at every level. He can't paint Biden as a “radical" because, well, he's not one, and more importantly, voters just trust Biden more than Trump. He can hump all the Confederate statues he wants, but he's still getting his ass kicked.

[New York Times]

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