Democrats Might Let Nice Black Man Become Senator of Illinois, After All

Democrats Might Let Nice Black Man Become Senator of Illinois, After All

Civil Rights hero Roland Burris isstill in town, still hanging around Capitol Hill, and it appears his persistence just might pay off -- if the racist Dixiecrats decide to let the old colored man become a senator, but only if he promises not to run again, which is called the "poll tax."

Burris met with his arch-enemy, the White Mormon Harry Reid, this morning. And things are looking up! Reid had this to say about Burris:

"He obviously is a very engaging, extremely nice man," Reid said. "Roland Burris to me appears to be candid and forthright. ... He is not trying to avoid any responsibility or hide anything. ... We don't have a problem with him as an individual."

Yeah, it's not Roland's fault that he was born inferior to the White Race!

Anyway, maybe they will just let Burris be senator for two years so he can put another award on his mausoleum, and the most embarrassing spectacle of the pre-Obama Administration can be put to rest. Because the real problem with Burris isn't actually his race -- it's that he's a perennial loser, a hapless bozo with delusions of electability who constantly runs for the U.S. Senate and for Illinois Governor and even Mayor of Chicago and never wins anything, because who is this guy?

Burris Getting Closer to Obama's Senate Seat? [ABC News]


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