Democrats Regret Choice of Carlos Mencia as Hispanic Caucus Head

The DNC's racially questionable cartoon character caucus - WonketteOnly Fox bothered to report it (god bless 'em), but DNC Hispanic Caucus head Alvaro Cifuentes resigned this weekend after channeling George Allen.

It's not clear what started the fight, but sources said Cifuentes called the aide, who is black, "boy" twice during the confrontation, and two conference attendees were alarmed enough to try and restrain Cifuentes.

This is why we're thrilled the Democrats are back in power. The Hispanic Caucuses alone ought to provide material enough to last until the Presidential Primaries, during which we're pretty sure John Edwards be forced to drop out after announcing that he enjoys Song of the South and Dennis Kucinich will admit to being a slave-owner.

Democratic Committee Member Quits Caucus Post After Confrontation [Fox]


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