Democrats Throw Pajama Party To Bitch About How Much They Hate This Chick 'Betsy DeVos'

This one chick "Betsy."

So, the Senate will vote at noon today on whether unqualified dumbass Jesus lady Betsy DeVos should get to be the secretary of ruining your child's education, and it's looking like she'll make it -- but maybe not! -- with 50 votes plus one white-haired idiot vote from Vice President Mike Pence, as Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have announced they will vote against her. (As notes, this kind of squeaker has never happened with a cabinet vote before! That's how much everybody hates Betsy DeVos.) But your Senate Democrats decided not to go down without a fight, so they stayed up all night and ordered pizza and braided each other's hair and yelled THE WHOLE NIGHT about why Betsy DeVos is a great big moron who shouldn't be anywhere near your kids.

DeVos, of course, has no experience with public education, does not like public education, and would rather give kids vouchers so they can attend the Jesus school of their choice, so she can build "God's kingdom." She is also the sister of maniac douchebag Erik Prince -- the Blackwater guy! -- and likely only got nominated because her family has given one-hundred eleventy gabillion dollars to GOP causes.

So yeah. ALL NIGHTER PAJAMA PARTY WITH THE DEMOCRATS, to gossip about how they hate this one chick "Betsy," who definitely does not belong at this school, or any school for that matter:

Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota called DeVos "fundamentally incompetent" on Monday.

"This is not a job for amateurs," Franken said. The senator challenged DeVos last month, when DeVos appeared to become confused during a line of questioning from Franken.

Kamala Harris, a freshman Democratic senator from California and former state attorney general, tweeted: "First and foremost, the country needs a Sec. of Education who has demonstrated basic competency when it comes to issues facing children."

Harris continued: "Half a million teachers would be put out of work under the Trump-DeVos plan. Devastating for our six million [California] students."

Charlie Pierce notes at Esquire that, even in the middle of the night, "the rumors flew" about how maybe Republican Thom Tillis of North Carolina was shaky with his support, or maybe this Republican or that Republican could be flipped. Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow told CNN that MAYBE they've actually flipped somebody -- ooh, the suspense! -- in which case Mike Pence wouldn't even need to go to the Hill, due to how he and his "president" Donald Trump would be big losers who can't even get an Education secretary confirmed.

Here, would you like to watch Sen. Al Franken go bonkers about DeVos for 42 minutes? You may do that, with this video!

What about Elizabeth Warren? You ALWAYS like watching Elizabeth Warren go bonkers. Here is that video, where Warren says, "It is difficult to imagine a worse choice for the Department of Education":

Finally, here is Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling DeVos the "least qualified nominee in a historically unqualified cabinet," which is REALLY SAYIN' SOMETHIN', considering how Ben Carson and Rick Perry are also cabinet nominees and/or members. This video also features Senators Patty Murray, Chris Van Hollen, and Patrick Leahy, talkin' shit:

Senators have received MULTITUDES of phone calls from Democrats, liberals, moderates and all other people who are sane and think kids should get good educations, encouraging them to oppose DeVos. And while one more Republican might not ultimately flip -- Dean Heller of Nevada, remember how you are running for re-election in 2018 and Hillary Clinton won your state handily, UH HUH REMEMBER THAT? -- folks should not be disheartened if we lose. This direct action, calling legislators six times a day (local and DC offices of both your senators and your congresscritter) WORKS, and though we won't win every battle, the longer we sustain the fight, the more it will wear these motherfuckers down and make it #NoFun to be in Congress during "President" Trump's reign.

And then, come the 2018 midterms, buncha these assholes -- a few in the Senate and hopefully a whole lot more in the House -- are going DOWN.

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