Democrats To Blame Those Rotten Chinese For Economy This Fall

Democrats To Blame Those Rotten Chinese For Economy This Fall

Democrats DO NOT want to lose their majorities in Congress this November. But the economy sucks, so by the laws of physics, voters will not vote for the party in power. Does this mean Democrats should just give up and actually work on passing things they really believe in? NO. Does it mean they should slyly try to blame the economy on other things to distract the voters? YES YES YES.So what's the deal with Red China, folks? Why have they ruined our entire economy forever?

Democrats are planning a legislative push on China this fall as they work to promote their support for U.S. manufacturers ahead of the midterm elections.

Legislation targeting China’s currency is at the forefront of the effort. Lawmakers in both parties argue China keeps its currency artificially low to keep the price of its exports down, which hurts U.S. manufacturers and workers.

Congress will try to "punish" Chinese exports. They will need some legal tools to do this, and so China will make some cheap plastic legal tools Congress can buy at Wal-Mart.

The Obama administration is not really into this whole idea, though. They actually have to do something called "foreign relations," and they don't really want to piss off China even though China is being dumb about this. So if it comes to MaoBama's desk, he may not sign it, thereby increasing socialism and his love of it.

But Congressional Democrats probably couldn't care less, because they just need the talking point. "Whaaaaaaat? Bad economy? Oh! Are you talking about how evil China is?" they will say to their constituents. "I hate that China laid you off. That is very unfortunate. And I am independent from Obama on this, because he hates your job just like his pal China."

Meanwhile, Republicans aren't quite sure what to say about this.

“Congress has an important role to play too, so I hope they will try to work out something rather than just say, ‘Stay out of our sandbox,’ ” Cornyn said.

No, no, we should try doing just that. That would be hilarious. [The Hill]


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