Democrats Want This Coin Banned! Claim Yours Here! Tabs, May 27, 2020

Democrats Want This Coin Banned! Claim Yours Here! Tabs, May 27, 2020

FBI to Investigate Arrest of Black Man Who Died After Being Pinned by Officer. Yes, everyone knows the famous wrestling move "pinning," which one accomplishes with a knee on one's opponent's neck, New York Times. This often leads to the notorious cause of death "medical incident" (New York Daily News).

The four cops involved in the on-duty murder of George Floyd have all been fired. That was good and fast! Now they should be charged, and if they try to sue for their jobs back they should not get them. (The Week)

Aftermath: tear gas, of course. — Minneapolis Star Tribune


The National Audubon Society weighs in on that jerkoff bigot dog-strangling lady.

Trump campaign actually went there, claiming ownership of his image (or the MAGA hats possibly, I guess?) to silence a cartoonist. — CBLDF

Why won't Boris Johnson can Dominic Cummings? Because he's shit-scared. (Guardian)

Elizabeth Warren and Deb Haaland: We must immediately start to fix our fuuuuucked coronavirus response for Native American nations. — Washington Post

If you've got any New York mag clicks left this month, you can read this small business owner's money diary. After sending $18,000 to the unemployed this weekend, I get that the state unemployment systems are terrible! I DO! But maybe don't bitch when you just got $45,000 in EIDL loans deposited into your bank account, your landlord cut your rent in half, and you think the state owes you every money you didn't make, so you can go shopping ... more. (New York mag)

Is the campaign press rooting for Trump so they can have a close race? — Eric Boehlert, Press Run

REE! REE! REE! REE! Fucking yikes dude. — ABC

This is a big story.

A second finding in the U.S. saw a larger infrastructure of accounts and publishers on the far right than on the far left. Outside observers were documenting the same phenomenon. The gap meant even seemingly apolitical actions such as reducing the spread of clickbait headlines—along the lines of "You Won't Believe What Happened Next"—affected conservative speech more than liberal content in aggregate.

That was a tough sell to Mr. Kaplan, said people who heard him discuss Common Ground and Integrity proposals. A former deputy chief of staff to George W. Bush, Mr. Kaplan became more involved in content-ranking decisions after 2016 allegations Facebook had suppressed trending news stories from conservative outlets.

Wall Street Journal

What it's like living in an earthship off-grid sustainable home! (Insider)

Enjoy some Black Photo Booth! Here's the homepage.

You would like to explain me Katherine Anne Porter's novel about the 1918 flu, LA Review of Books? Yes, that would be swell.

Shhhyyyyyy I want a Gateway to the Imagination!

They have kilt me I am dead.

Shyyyyy I want a smoked rosemary bourbon sour.

Hello pretty pantries. (Buzzfeed)

Goforth and sorrow no more.

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