Dems in '06 Offer Security, Compassion, Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope

dccclogo.jpgABC's Political Unit has finally justified its existence by finding and printing the (hopefully rough) draft of the congressional Democrats' own "Contract With America 2: The Wrath of Rahm." It's a legislative agenda with six planks. They are:

  • (1) a minimum wage increase;

  • (2) repealing the portion of the Medicare prescription drug law that prevents Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices;

  • (3) implementing all of the 9/11 Commission's homeland security recommendations;

  • (4) reinstating pay-as-you-go budget rules;

  • (5) making college more affordable; and

  • (6) a sixth plank that has not yet been settled upon.

An earlier draft, of course, had 7 planks, with the last being "there is no plank 7."

Bellwether, Schmellwether [ABC Political Punch]


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