Dennis Kucinich Sucks at Getting Off Ballots, Too

kucinichmich.jpgTrying to play it cool like Obama et al. by shunning lame-ass primaries, Dennis Kucinich released a statement on his website yesterday afternoon announcing his withdrawal from the Jan. 15 Michigan Democratic primary. Always procrastinating, the Kucinich team waited until shortly before the 4 p.m. withdrawal deadline to fax over its statement. As it happens, however, the Michigan Secretary of State's office operates in a different time-space continuum and told the Detroit Free Press this morning that "Kucinich's campaign failed to submit the required affidavit by the 4 p.m. deadline." The Kucinich team is still formulating a response, which will probably be something like "We thought daylight savings was last weekend."

Oops! Kucinich mistakenly thought he was off Mich. primary ballot [Detroit Free Press]


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