Dennis Prager Imagines Conservative ‘Paradise’ Without Liberals, Cities, Functioning Economy

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Dennis Prager Imagines Conservative ‘Paradise’ Without Liberals, Cities, Functioning Economy

Conservatives keep wanting to bail on America. They can’t stand the nation that exists, the one with people of color, immigrants, and an open LGBTQ community. Noted dullard Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about a “national divorce," and Senator Ted Cruz has raised the prospect of another (failed) secession.

Fake university founder Dennis Prager also supports the idea of a fake country where conservatives can exist in peaceful bigotry, until they find someone else to hate. (It won’t take long.) During an appearance on Dave Rubin’s podcast, Prager declared America’s differences irreconcilable.

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PRAGER: For all intents and purposes there are two Americas. I think Americans are more divided now than they were during the Civil War. During the Civil War, they were divided on the spectacularly important issue of slavery, but otherwise they were not divided.

Prager gives away the game here. Conservatives have condemned The 1619 Project for claiming that slavery was key to the nation’s founding, but Prager acknowledges that slavery — and the white supremacy that enabled the barbaric institution — was the primary source of disagreement in America prior to the Civil War. It wasn’t states’ rights versus federalism or two vastly different economies (agricultural versus manufacturing). No, it all came down to owning other human beings.

Glad we’ve settled this.

Here’s the video:

Prager continued his fantasy, presumably to the theme of “Dixie.”

And that’s a big deal, obviously. But still, right now the division is on every issue. We agree, essentially, on nothing important. And, look, there’s a fantasy in me that all the big cities of the country secede. It’s not geographically possible ’cause you couldn’t have such a non-contiguous country.

Dennis Prager was born in Brooklyn. Donald Trump was born in Queens. Not everyone in every city is a liberal, and not everyone in places where the stars are visible is a conservative. It’s possible he hasn’t thought this all the way through.

But if New York, and Los Angeles, and Chicago, and San Francisco, and Seattle, and Philadelphia – if they all made their own country and left the rest of us — even with all the finance they would take, all the money, all the banks — it would be paradisiacal for the rest of us. But it can't happen because of the geographical issue. So what has to happen is, I think, what you just painted — the scenario you painted was of people coalescing in the states they agree with.

Before Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation snaps his fingers and has a good laugh, Prager might want to consider if “paradise” would accurately describe his new broke-ass nation. Even “red” states such as Florida and Texas would collapse without their Democratic cities. It’s not just white conservatives who live in rural America, either. Maybe Prager imagines that his "Real America” could torment marginalized groups without interference from “Woke America,” but we wouldn’t have Joe Manchin holding us back. We’d have a generous refugee program.

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Rubin had commiserated with Prager about how he’s a “minority” with no political power in California, but the reality is that white Americans, especially from small, rural states, have an outsized influence on our current government. Prager, like many conservatives, whines and pouts like a spoiled child who threatens to run away from home but has no real plan for their longterm survival. Once his stomach starts grumbling and it gets dark, he’ll start pounding on the doors of the big cities with tears streaming down his face.

Prager insists that America isn’t “united” because “we’re not fighting liberals, we’re fighting leftists.” This is classic conservative victim blaming, and while Bill Maher might agree that the modern day Left is the problem, it’s the current GOP that has willingly become an authoritarian death cult of personality. Republicans have tried to exileLiz Cheney from their ranks. This is a party where "logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.” If that’s Prager’s idea of “paradise,” he’s welcome to it. The rest of us will enjoy our free healthcare and flying cars.

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