Denny Hastert In Two Places at Once, Not Anywhere at All

Embattled ( (c) Mainstream Media) Representative Dennis Hastert's appearance before the House Ethics Committee was so surprising, the AP only had time to rewrite the first couple grafs of their story, placing us in a bizarre time-space continuum shift:

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Tuesday sat down with ethics investigators trying to pin down when he and his staff learned about ex-Rep. Mark Foley's come-ons to former male pages and what they did to stop it.
Hastert's appearance followed that of Rep. Tom Reynolds of New York, the House GOP campaign chairman, who said he warned the speaker about Foley last spring.
Hastert, expected to testify this week, has said he doesn't recall the conversation.
Hastert has returned to Washington for testimony this week. He would not tell reporters Tuesday when he'll testify.

We hope Denny had fun with all his friends.

Hastert Goes Before Congressional Panel [WP]


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