Desperate CNN Now Making Strained 'Viral Videos'


[youtube expand=1]

What a kookymistake! Good thing for this diminishing last-place news channel that such things often go "viral" here on the Internets, and will make this CNN show more popular! Except it's pretty obvious they meant to do this, and it proves Obama is morally weak.

Yes, CNN, if you're trying to fake a viral "FAIL" video, don't play the clip for its entirety and put the "NEW LINE CINEMA" title up on the screen. Because then it's obvious you planned to cut in with the video and nobody in the production room is actually scrambling to take it off the screen.

And look, other people on the Internet noticed this! Mediaite has the clip with a bit more context. It turns out to be an introduction to a medical segment on ulcerative colitis.

So CNN is not only desperate for viral-ness, it likes to make poop jokes. Not that there's anything wrong with poop jokes. Some people think CNN should be a serious news source. But Larry King Live would be a much better show if King just made constant remarks about his bowel movements, which you can tell is what he actually wants to do. [YouTube via Splitsider/Mediaite]


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