Desperate Corzine May Pick Reality Teevee's 'Apprentice' Winner As Lieut. Governor Candidate


Silly Jon Corzine once abandoned his comfy job as a United States Senator in order to waste all of his money on a bid for Governor of New Jersey, that scorching slab of rocks and trash soundtracked to the din of furious rats screaming about property taxes. But as Corzine would soon discover, trying to balance the budget during a Great New Depression that your state's top earners spent years engineering at their day jobs across the Hudson will make you VERY UNPOPULAR. And now that Corzine's trailing by double-digits in his bid for reelection this November, his magic 8-ball of Despair hasrecommended selecting 38-year-old Randal Pinkett, winner of NBC's The Apprentice, Season 4, as his running mate -- "to energize the African-American base." Politics is easy! [The Awl]


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