Despite Election, George Zimmerman Still Kicked Out Of Bar For Using Racial Slur

Post-Racial America
Despite Election, George Zimmerman Still Kicked Out Of Bar For Using Racial Slur

Here is a nice thought for the end of this week -- George Zimmerman got his ass kicked out of a Florida bar for using a racial slur. Yes, even in Florida, this shit doesn't have to be tolerated just because Donald Trump is President, if we choose not to tolerate it.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Citing an incident report, news outlets report the bar manager asked Seminole County deputies to remove Zimmerman on Wednesday because he yelled at a female employee, snatched a credit card from her and used a racial slur.

When deputies arrived, Zimmerman demanded that a black man be arrested for hitting him. Authorities say bar video shows the man had given Zimmerman two friendly pats on the arm. No one was arrested.

Wow! How surprising that he would consider a perfectly innocuous action from a person of color as a threat. At least no one died this time? I guess that's really a step up for him. I guess that waitress was lucky she wasn't carrying any Skittles, or things really could have gotten rough.

Personally, I am surprised George Zimmerman goes out to drink or eat anywhere. If I were him, I would assume that everyone who serves me would spit in my food or drink given the chance.

[Talking Points Memo]

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