Destroyer of the Year

* Huck asked the Mittster if he was Satan and the Mittster called up some of that self-righteous outrage he's so good at. [Election Central]

* Everybody loves Huck but Republicans. [Political Wire]

* Hey remember that time the GOP thought they'd never ever be in the minority again and tried to take away all the things the minority could do to protect itself? [Think Progress]

* Revealed: California's plan to gayify the children. [WorldNet Daily]

* Barry's probably high right now. [Swamp Politics]

* Gonzo is the American Bar Association's Lawyer of the Year! [TPMmuckraker]

* Gordon Brown is about to make himself a real popular guy at the White House. [Headline Junky]

* Andrew Sullivan is still preoccupied with female sex symbols. Jealous? [Daily Dish]


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