Details Leak About Presumed Worst Book Ever


Meghan McCain is a quick finisher! It hasn't been that long since we first learned about John McCain's unemployed blogger daughter's upcoming children's book, and already it's nearing publication. September 2 in fact, during the convention! And yes, that is the actual cover art, and yes, members of the Main Stream Media got a sneak preview today. Can you describe the sweet children's book for us, CBS News? "There are illustrations of the McCain's capture as a prisoner of war and stumping on the campaign trail, drawn by artist Dan Andreasan, who also did the illustrations for the childrens' books 'Pilot Pups' and 'A Special Day For Mommy.'" We will seriously pay someone $100 in Disney Dollars for a copy of the book RIGHT NOW. [Indecision 2008, CBS News]


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