Radicalized New York FBI Sleeper Cell Leaking Up Devin Nunes's Ass Too

It's a new week in America, and as usual everything is going to hell, because that's what happens when you allow 70,000 "economic anxiety" voters in the Rust Belt, Vladimir Putin, and James Comey to decide an election. We will have many stories about Donald Trump's brutal crackdown on Hispanic toddlers today, but in this post, we must revisit that greatest of Americans, Devin Fucking Nunes, congressman from California, possible literal actual Russian agent and (alleged) cow romancer from all the most romantic novels about cow romance. As the French say, ooh la la FUCKING DEVIN.

On November 4, 2016, Wonkette had a hilarious and informative blog post called "Radicalized FBI Sleeper Cell Probably Led By Rudy Giuliani." You really oughta go back and re-read it, because it tells the story of how, after then-FBI director James Comey inartfully threw Hillary Clinton's emails back into the presidential campaign 11 DAYS BEFORE THE FUCKING ELECTION, losers like Rudy Giuliani and Blackwater sadist Erik Prince were all over the TV and the radio, spreading KGB-style disinformation about the contents of the "new" Hillary emails the FBI was taking its sweet time to analyze. All signs pointed in the direction of a rogue cohort of FBI agents in the New York field office -- Alex Jones types who probably aren't qualified to be working at the FBI, we are just saying! -- who were just GRRRRR REAL MAD their bosses in Washington weren't giving them much support for their investigation into the Clinton Foundation based on lies from the book Clinton Cash, which was funded by Steve Bannon and the Mercers, and was almost completely debunked before it was even published. Therefore they were leaking, it seemed, to people like Giuliani and Prince.

It turns out, though, that weeks before that, in fact the very week those "new" Hillary emails were found on Anthony Weiner's jizz-encrusted laptop, some of those agents went right to Fucking Devin Nunes, just to tell him lies about those "new" emails. Nunes calls them "good FBI agents" and "whistleblowers," whereas we call them conspiracy-theory-addicted assholes and probably criminals:

In the recently released Department of Justice inspector general's report on the Hillary Clinton emails investigation, it's clear that part of Comey's calculation that he had to tell Congress about these "new" emails 11 DAYS BEFORE THE FUCKING ELECTION was that if he didn't, some motherfuckers in New York were going to leak it anyway. This wasn't new information -- we've been writing about it for quite a while now -- but the IG report merely provided more confirmation of what we already knew. And we already knew that information ended up coming out of the thin-lipped shitmouths of Rudy Giuliani and Erik Prince.

And now we know that that radicalized sleeper cell of rogue agents was also in cahoots with Fucking Devin Nunes, the member of Congress who has done more to work as an unregistered foreign agent for Vladimir Putin by obstructing the Russia investigation for Donald Trump than any other even including Dana Rohrabacher. In fact, seems like they ran to him FIRST!

The most breathtaking thing about this is how utterly unsurprising it all is at this point.

Josh Marshall has compiled a handy timeline on what Comey called the "deep and visceral hatred" some of these rogue elements in the FBI had for Hillary Clinton, and how their actions impacted the election. Marshall notes that the DOJ inspector general's report says little to nothing about it, but luckily, "sources" say the IG will have much to say about it in the very near future:

Get ready y'all. Storm's a-comin'.

(Yes, another one! To go with the five million storms we are already having! NO BIG DEAL, IT'LL BE FINE. YOU BET.)

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