Devin Nunes Didn't F*ck A Cow When FBI Opened Trump-Russia Investigation, Dunno What His Deal Is Now

More hits keep coming from the Andrew McCabe "No Fucks Left To Give" book tour! (See our other recent posts on McCabe's book tour here and here and also too here.)

Here is McCabe on the "Today" show Tuesday morning, telling Savannah Guthrie that when he, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and the rest of their team briefed the so-called congressional Gang Of Eight in May of 2017, after the firing of James Comey, on the fact that the FBI had opened counterintelligence investigations into Donald Trump, including the question of whether the president is literally a Russian agent, nobody batted an eye.

GUTHRIE: Did anyone object?

MCCABE:That's the important part here, Savannah. No one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, and not based on the facts.


We should put a fine point on this, because it seems many journalists not as serious as Yr Wonkette are NOT doing so. The Gang of Eight, at least for these purposes, consists of the Democratic and Republican leadership of both houses of Congress and the chairs and minority leadership of the House and Senate Intel committees. In the last Congress, on the Republican side, that would have included Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan (the two leaders), and also Richard Burr and DEVIN FUCKING NUNES (the Intel chairs).

So what McCabe is saying is that when he told Devin Nunes, Donald Trump's obstructor-of-justice-in-chief in the United States House of Representatives, that the FBI had opened investigations into Trump's ties to Russia and whether Trump was literally a foreign agent and HERE'S WHY, Devin Nunes did not bat an eye, he did not shit his pants, he did not lovingly and gently fuck a cow, NOTHIN'.

Of course, as McCabe explained to The Atlantic, the firing of Comey might have been the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to officially opening the Trump investigations, but the FBI had been heading in this direction for quite a while, because the FBI is not an idiot and could see what everybody else could see, which is that there was a probable Russian intelligence asset spreading his ass cheeks all over the Oval Office and littering it with HAMBERDER wrappers.

MCCABE: I could see how [the idea that the FBI's judgment was in question when it opened the Trump investigations] would fit if we had initiated this concern in the wake of [Comey's] firing. The fact is, we were building to this point for months before Jim was fired. We had several cases already open under the umbrella investigation of the Russia case … and the concern about the president and whether or not he posed a national-security threat that we should be investigating had been building for some time. But it was the events around the firing that kind of sealed the deal for me and the folks on the team.

You know, just little things like when Trump said I DON'T CARE, I BELIEVE PUTIN about North Korea's nuclear capabilities, and the way he constantly tried to obstruct the Russia investigations with Comey and in public and on Twitter, and oh yeah, the thing that happened a day after the Comey firing when Trump bragged to the Russian ambassador and the Russian foreign minister in the Oval that he had fired Comey, which would take all the pressure off "this Russhur thing, with Trump and Russhur," and then proceeded to give them code-word level intelligence from our allies the Israelis.

And presumably the FBI was well aware of what had transpired just a couple of months prior, when Devin Nunes went on a wild midnight ride to the White House, where he received "secret intelligence" showing that Obama People had done improper "unmaskings" and "wire tapps" to Trump People, intelligence he immediately traveled from the White House to another part of the White House to share with the Trump administration from whence he had received the intelligence in the first fucking place.

WHOLE LOTTA OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE GOIN' ON! And all of it was in service of Russia. How odd.

So maybe it isn't that Devin Nunes was OK with it when McCabe briefed the Gang of Eight on the investigation, it was just that he knew he had to keep a poker face until the briefing was over, and then go make plans to launch more conspiracy theory counter-narratives about how the FBI was the REAL collusion, because Hillary Clinton Deep State Dodgy Dossier Peter Strzok Bruce Ohr Fusion GPS! In other words, everything you've heard on Fox News and out of the crusty leaking mawhole of Donald Trump over the past couple of years. Also, how many American dollars do you want to bet he ran and told Trump exactly what he had just learned?

UH OH, Natasha Bertrand from The Atlantic with more details from McCabe's book, and from her conversation with McCabe!

OK, NOW let's take American dollars bets on whether or not Devin Nunes is specifically under investigation by the DoJ!

Of course, the Gang of Eight had known about all this for quite a while. All the way back in the fall of 2016, they were briefed on what the intelligence community knew about Russia giving the Trump campaign reacharounds. At that point, Nunes was already heavily involved with the Trump campaign, and would go on to join the Trump transition. Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr took what he learned about the Russians tipping the scales for Trump and almost immediately joined the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser. Know what happened the day Burr joined? The Obama administration announced that the Russians were behind the Democratic Party/Hillary Clinton campaign hacking, the Access Hollywood tape dropped, and WikiLeaks started leaking John Podesta's emails. Just a normal day, obviously. (For more on how Burr has been a common Devin Nunes about all this pretty much from the beginning, despite the collegial and bipartisan way he's tried to present his Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump and Russia, click here.)

Mitch McConnell, for his part, had been asked to join the Obama administration in a bipartisan condemnation of Russia's hacking of the DNC, but he decided to tell the Obama administration to fuck off and that if they were open and honest about how Russia was ratfucking the election for Trump, he would consider it "partisan politics."

Oh well, bygones!

Couple more things from the Andy McCabe interview in The Atlantic. Does he think Trump is still a target of the "Is Trump A Russian Agent" counterintelligence investigation? And is this just like dealing with organized crime, which is funny, considering how Andy McCabe's specialty when he worked for the FBI in New York was investigating the Russian mob?

So do I think the case into Trump is open or closed? There's absolutely no reason for me to believe that it's closed. And you can certainly look at what Mueller's done so far to say he is doing exactly what we would do with the investigation of a cartel or an organized-crime family.

Anything else about how McCabe is an EXPERT ON THE RUSSIAN MOB?

"It has occurred to me on a number of occasions that, you know, Donald Trump and I know some of the same people," he told [The Atlantic's Natasha Bertrand].

You know, he is just saying. And fired FBI official Peter Strzok is just saying, and Strzok's former SEXUAL FBI GIRLFRIEND Lisa Page is just saying, and DoJ official Bruce Ohr is just saying. How many of the careers Donald Trump has ruined or is trying to ruin have belonged to people who specialize in Russian organized crime and Russian spycraft and Russian dolls and Russian dressing? Oh, just ALL OF THEM, KATIE.

What a coincidence.

[The Atlantic]

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