Those crafty, country, churchifying embarrassments to Black America and White America simultaneously, Diamond and Silk -- aka Zircon and Rayon -- are back once again to leverage their "fame" in order to make some more sweet sweet profits. And it's all thanks to their beloved Mr. Trump. He sure has fucked the world up, huh? Yeah.

Now, before you ask yourselves, "Why the fuck should I even give a shit about those garbage women?" we will remind you that they are one half of all of the black people Trump has helped get jobs (FACT). Apparently, it is YOUR job to be very impressed with their new show, or possibly to not be impressed because you will never pay $5.99 to watch ANYTHING created by Fox News. And your Old Dad probably can't figure out the paypal.

Let's check out what these terrible ladies are up to.

From The Wrap:

Diamond & Silk are headed to their rightful home: Fox News' streaming platform Fox Nation.

This sounds horrible already.

Every week, "Diamond & Silk" gets five minutes for commentary, focusing on events of the day and casual discourse, per Fox News.

FIVE minutes every WEEK? Who the fuck can sit through five fucking minutes of watching them say "Umm hmm!" and "That's right, AMEN!"? Why must they always act like some time travelers that got snatched from the set of the Black Jesus episode of Good Times? It's fucking corny.

Please God, if you exist, let this fetish white people have with Black Church Ladies end soon. It is extremely inappropriate, and also, it hurts to watch.

The sisters, known as Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) and Rochelle Richardson (Silk) are vloggers, bloggers and public speakers known for their viral videos in support of President Trump. They have been voicing their opinions daily about media bias and politics from their home in North Carolina and came to prominence during the rise of Trump in 2016.

Once again, fuck you so extra much 2016. Next you'll wake Ben Carson up and give his ass a show too. Fuck it, let's resurrect Herman Cain too, he was always kinda entertaining, maybe.

"Diamond & Silk have proven to have cultivated a significant fan base and we are thrilled to have them be a part of Fox Nation," John Finley, senior vice president of development and production, said on Monday.

We bet you are thrilled, John, We just bet you are. Fox News loves nothing more than embarrassing black people, so of course they would have the Bobbsey Twins of genuflecting to whiteness as the"black act" in their decades-long minstrel show of a media empire. Megyn Kelly probably wants her epic blackface role back too; we guess she had better hurry before Tomi Lahren wiggles into her old costumes and grosses them up. Never wear clothes after Tomi Lahren.

"We cannot wait to join the best Nation…Fox Nation!" Diamond & Silk added in their own statement. "We have so much to share with all of you on this exclusive platform and can't wait to get started."

And that is hopefully your grossest news of the day. Wonkette can dream.


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