Diane Feinstein Waterboarded Served Water To Barack & Hillary!

That secret Bilderberg meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?Now they're saying it actually happened at the NW Washington home of one of California's lady senators, Diane Feinstein. She is also an older liberal woman in the Senate who sometimes is a loser, so Hillary asked to borrow her living room. Feinstein turned it into a Chamber of Naked Horror.

The California senator had set up two chairs facing each other. She served them water. Nothing else. Two aides were sent to Mrs. Feinstein’s study. And Secret Service agents stayed outside.

And that's all we know, except for this weird bit from Feinstein, who was apparently in the next room with her ear in a glass against the door:

She was asked whether she heard any shouting. “No, they got along very well.”

More on the Obama-Clinton Meeting [NYT Caucus]


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