Dianne Feinstein Is Bad for the Environment

dianne%20feinstein.jpgNamely, the environment immediately surrounding her multimillion-dollar mansion, high in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

We previously linked to real estate porn of Senator Feinstein's palatial residence. We now learn, via the San Francisco Chronicle, that recent landscaping changes by DiFi have infuriated city officials and her neighbors.

Details appear after the jump.

The Chronicle reports:

[W]orkers remodeling the Pacific Heights mansion that [Dianne Feinstein and her super-rich husband Dick Blum] just bought leveled all the green in the adjoining public garden -- without the city's approval. And not just any green -- we're talking about a Tivoli-style garden just off the front entrance of the couple's $16.5 million abode, which sits at the foot of Vallejo Street, between the Presidio and some of the city's most posh residences.

The garden is actually part of the city-owned Lyon Street steps -- a favorite of joggers, walkers and tourists looking for a picture-postcard view, and even for teenagers looking to sneak a late-night drink or two.

City officials were surprised and upset. But so was Senator Feinstein:

"I went ballistic,'' Feinstein told us. "I didn't want to take it out. ... I could have used it. Now I have to do a whole new sprinkler system."

Our heart goes out to you, Senator Feinstein! Would that we all had such problems...

Check out the "before" and "after" photos here. Who knew Hurricane Katrina made it all the way to the West Coast?

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