Diapered Angerbear David Vitter Would Like To Maximize America's Ability To Humiliate The Poor

Diapered Angerbear David Vitter Would Like To Maximize America's Ability To Humiliate The Poor

Hi there, and welcome to our newest episode of David Vitter Is Being A Dick Again. We know you've all been breathlessly awaiting this, as you've been on cliffhanger tenterhooks: will he be whining about how there is not enough sweet government cash coming into Louisiana even though he doesn't believe in government cash going anywhere? Is he cockblocking -- or in his case, diaperblocking -- one of Obama's cabinet nominations? Is he playing politics with Congressional staffers' lives and pocketbooks? Haha no, silly, this is a new season so David Vitter is being a dick in entirely new and interesting ways.

On Wednesday, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) introduced a bill that would force recipients of food stamps to show a valid photo ID to buy food. Anti-hunger advocates say that because many poor people cannot afford to purchase government IDs, the requirement would make it harder for low-income Americans to eat.

Vitter says the bill is designed to cut down on fraud. "Using a photo ID is standard in many day-to-day transactions, he said upon introducing the bill. "My bill will restore some accountability to the program so it's not ruined for people who use it appropriately."

Hmmmm...is using photo ID standard to pay the hooker that helps you out with your diaper fetish? Probably not! But why miss an opportunity to dick over poor people by humiliating them more, because just having to use food stamps isn't awful enough? This move will probably save the federal government literally tens of dollars in fraudulent food stamp usage. The food stamp black market isn't exactly a thriving one. Oh hey, wait! It actually will save money because poor people can't get the IDs, thus ensuring they don't get food. Savings success!

Vitter's bill would also prevent many Americans from using the nutrition aid they're eligible for. "Many poor people do not have photo ID's, and it costs money they do not have to get them," Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the advocacy organization Coalition on Human Needs, told the Times-Picayune on Wednesday. "Senator Vitter's proposal will be especially tough on elderly and poor people who do not have the documents needed to get their photo ID, and who will struggle even to get to the necessary offices. They will wind up going without food."

David Vitter, we feel like we are on season eleventy of your stupid show. It's time to hang it up, because you can't just keep topping yourself, dickishness-wise. Consider making this your final episode and going out on an extremely low note.

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