Dick Cheney Engaged in "Tight Hole Operations"?

Take a look at this screen cap showing a sign outside the Armstrong ranch, where the Dick Cheney hunting accident took place:

tight hole operations.JPG

Okay, Wonkette readers, here are your study questions:

* Why is the ranch referred to by the ominous moniker of "Richman Geochem" (which sounds like some evil oil company, because it probably is)?

* Why was the Cheney party out drinking and hunting on this property when, according to the sign, alcohol and firearms are prohibited?

But enough trivialities. Katharine Armstrong owns the ranch, and she can let people do whatever they want on it, no matter what some stupid rusty sign says. Here's what we really want to know:

* What exactly are "tight hole" operations -- and what's the number to dial for that "sales call by appt."?

Update: More information about "tight hole" operations is available here.

Man Shot in Accident After Laughing at Cheney [cbs4denver]

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