Dick Cheney Fondly Recalls How 'Ready To Go' Into The Wrong Country Bush Administration Was After 9/11

Dick Cheney Fondly Recalls How 'Ready To Go' Into The Wrong Country Bush Administration Was After 9/11

The GOPgasm over BENGHAZI!!!!!!! has officially become The Dumbest Thing That Republicans Pulled Out of Their Collective AssesTM, so we would like to invite everyone who thinks it is worse than Watergate but also thinks Benghazi is in Cuba to kindly fuck ALL the way off. Especially this Dick:

"In my past experience when we got into these situations — especially after 9/11 — we were always there, locked and loaded, ready to go on 9/11," Cheney told Fox News Channel commentator Sean Hannity in a phone interview.

Um, yeah. That is not how we remember it. We remember how the president was warned that the terrorists were a-comin', but he was all, like, "Shut up, I'm on summer vacation, leave me alone." We remember how he sat there with that even-dumber-than-usual look on his face for more than five minutes after he was told America had been attacked. We remember how he was flown all over hell's half acre that day while Dick Cheney presidented for reals. We remember how they all wanted to invade Iraq, like, that second because, you know, Saddam tried to kill Dubya's daddy, and besides, they'd already written up the blueprint for that. We remember how we rushed into Afghanistan even though most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. We remember how the Bush administration helped Osama Bin Laden's family flee the United States. We remember how we went into Iraq to find the weapons that didn't exist. We remember how Dubya got bored and stopped thinking about Bin Laden, because it turns out that smoking him out and catching him dead or alive was harder than it sounded for presidents not named Barack Obama.

But funny, we do NOT remember any of these assholes being "ready to go" on 9/11 or anytime after 9/11 with regard to what actually happened on 9/11. So, Dick, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, take your own advice of which you are oh-so-proud and go fuck yourself. The end.



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