Dick Cheney Still Has No Pulse But Is Really Enjoying Life Right Now

Dick Cheney Still Has No Pulse But Is Really Enjoying Life Right Now

This article is byJack Stuef.

HAS DICK CHENEY MELLOWED? That is the conclusion of The New York Times, who noted that he is no longer openly calling for the assassination of Barack Obama on Fox News. So what is he up to these days? Sure, he no longer has a pulse, but this is Dick Cheney we're talking about; the lack of a pulse just makes him stronger. "While Mr. Cheney is noticeably thinner — his trademark stiff, one-sided grin now shows up on a markedly leaner face — he is returning, associates say, to his old life, including hunting and socializing." And hunting those with whom he socializes, surely.

Mr. Cheney, who has participated in some of the nation’s toughest decisions for decades, now faces a crucial one of his own: whether to seek a full heart transplant.

It is a decision he will most likely be forced to make within months. He is old enough that soon he will no longer qualify for a transplant, doctors say. And while it is possible for some patients with Mr. Cheney’s device to live for years, the long-term prospects remain unknown.

But somehow those tough decisions didn't seem so tough for him, did they? If Cheney does choose to get a heart transplant, he will likely use his clout to have a heart taken, at the last second, away from a dying five-year-old on the operating table.

Cheney is also said to be seen "spotted in local grocery stores, stocking up to make chili and spaghetti sauce" in Wyoming.

Mr. Cheney’s friends and family say he is making plans to get out in 2011 and give more speeches. On Jan. 20, he is to fly to Texas for the 20th anniversary of the Persian Gulf war with the first President Bush, the emir of Kuwait and a host of alumni of that administration, including Brent Scowcroft, the former national security adviser, and Colin L. Powell, who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, when Mr. Cheney was defense secretary.

Yeah, war class-reunions are the best. But it's a shame Saddam couldn't make it. He used to be such close friends with all those guys. [NYT]


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