Dick Lugar's Drunk Wife Crashes Into Parked Car

It's the holiday season, which means the Northern Virginia suburbs are going to be particularly deadly until January 3 or so, as Republican congresspeople and their drunken wives and rent boys wreak havoc on the icy suburban streets. Congratulations to Charlene Lugar, wife of Republican Senator Dick Lugar, for winning the "First of the Season" award by just crashing into a parked car, because she was (allegedly!) drunk.

Roll Call reports:

Following the stop, Lugar was arrested for driving while intoxicated and taken to the county’s adult detention center where she was processed.

Sen. Lugar issued a statement, saying: "At about 6:30 p.m. last evening, November 18, Mrs. Lugar had a traffic accident in our McLean, Virginia neighborhood. A charge has been filed and a court appearance is scheduled for January. No other persons were in her car or the unattended car she hit. Thankfully, no one was injured. We are deeply sorry and embarrassed that this accident has occurred.”

Jesus christ, six-thirty p.m.??? Charlene Lugar must take Happy Hour very seriously. [Roll Call]


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