Dick Wadhams Hovers Over Colorado Primary
  • Primaries today in Colorado and other, less amusing states, like Georgia and whatever. In addition to the nonstop comedy Colorado has already provided us, there is an exciting new scandal: a big ol' story in the New York Times described a money-losing scheme Senator Michael Bennet got involved in while Denver's superintendent of schools, with the major source for the story being a supporter of Bennet's primary opponent (though not identified as such by the Times). Dick Wadhams was unavailable for comment. [NYT/Denver Post]
  • Proposals to do away with birthright citizenship are causing a split in the GOP, between crazies and opportunists who currently hold office and ineffectual people who don't. [Politico]
  • Ex-Senator Ted Stevens may or may not have been on board a small plane that crashed in the Alaskan wilderness. [Fox]
  • Democrats are letting nerd freshmen from tough districts put their names on all the best laws, as part of the party's long-standing policy of sticking up for the underdog. [WP]

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