Did Chip Pickering Destroy Some Old Young Man At Congressional Baseball Game?


Chip Pickering, the Mississippi Congressman who'sretiring to spend more time with his divorced family and mistresses, participated in last night's annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game one last time, for the fans. If you would like a recap of last night's game that cannot go three words without divining about what it portends for the election, we recommend The New Republic. We're more interested, however, in an alleged incident that an eyewitness tells us about, involving our friend Chip: that he let go of his aluminum bat during a practice swing in the on-deck circle, letting it soar into the crowd and destroy some man's face.

Here's the report:

An interesting tidbit from the Congressional Baseball game tonight. Sometime in the 2nd or 3rd inning, Chip Pickering is the on-deck batter taking practice swings. During one of his swings, the bat flies out of his hands (an almost impossible feat when one is using metal bats). The bat flies into the 4th or 5th row of the crowd and hits a man right on the head. The man stands up initially in a daze, and then realizes that blood is pouring out of his head and all over the people beside him. A doctor, who was in the crowd, immediately rushes to help him. My vision of the next few minutes was impeded. However, I am fairly certain the paramedics came and laid him on the ground. The next I saw, the man, with the head completely bandaged was led, with help, away from the scene and, presumably, into an ambulance. The man looked terrible. He already had two black eyes and his face was yellow.

Interestingly enough, Chip Pickering, after glancing into the crowd for several seconds, proceeded to play the rest of the game. He was celebrating after he hit a home run and at the end of the game. Smiling and joking with everyone else. Not for one second, did he make one move to help or see what he could do after he had clearly injured a spectator. The entire incident was deplorable.

It's pretty bad even for a CONGRESSMAN to have a new scandal start and be covered-up during a freaking worthless charity baseball game. If anyone knows anymore about this, please send us TIPS to tips@wonkette.com.


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